This page records the music used in the Plants vs. Zombies series. The music for Plants vs. Zombies is composed by Laura Shigihara, while the music for Plants vs. Zombies 2 is composed by Peter McConnel.

Area music


The Day music is called "Grasswalk."

PvZ-Grasswalk Page 1

Grasswalk's sheet music


The Night music is called "Moongrains." This track is the only one with a different time signature (2/4, while the others are played on 4/4) and overall sounds in the huge waves.

This music also plays in Zombiquarium.


The Pool music is called "Watery Graves."

Watery Graves' sheet music page 1


Watery Graves' sheet music part 2


The Fog music is called "Rigor Mormist."


The Roof music is called "Graze The Roof."

Other music


Most of the Mini-games (Wall-nut Bowling, Wall-nut Bowling 2, etc.) feature the track "Loonboon."

Dr. Zomboss Battles

Level 5-10 and the mini-game Dr. Zomboss's Revenge feature the track "Brainiac Maniac."

Levels X-10

Levels 1-10, 2-10, 3-10, the mini-games, Column Like You See 'Em, Air Raid, and Brain Busters feature the track "Ultimate Battle."


Vasebreaker and I, Zombie levels feature the track "Cerebrawl."


The credits sequence features the track "Zombies on Your Lawn."


  • "Rigor Mormist" is a portmanteau of "Rigor mortis" which means "a recognizable sign of death where the muscles stiffen," and "Mist" which means "fog" which indicates the Fog Level.
  • "Ultimate Battle" is the only song from Plants Vs. Zombies to appear in another game, Melolune, which was designed by Laura Shigihara.
  • "Graze The Roof" is a portmanteau word of "graze" which means "to put" which probably indicates the fact that Bungee Zombies put down Ambush Zombies in Roof levels, or "to eat," which indicates the fact that zombies eat the plants, and the phrase "raise the roof," which means "to produce noise.“
    • "Graze" also means to touch or scrape lightly in passing. This may refer to the zombies traversing the roof, and their rather slow movements.
  • "Grasswalk" is a portmanteau of "grass," which indicates the lawn with which there is grass, and "cakewalk," which means "something that is extremely easy to do," which indicates that the Day levels are the easiest levels in Adventure Mode.
  • "Loonboon" is a portmanteau word of "loony" which means "a person who behaves in a strange way," which probably indicates the zombies, and "boon" which means "happy and cheerful," which fits the melody of the music.
  • "Cerebrawl" is a portmanteau word of "cerebral," which means "relating to brain," which indicates that the purpose of the zombies is to eat brains, and "brawl," which means "fight."
  • Levels 1-10, 2-10, 3-10 and the Mini-games Air Raid and Column Like You See 'Em are the only levels to have a music piece called "Ultimate Battle," because Level 4-10 has no music played and 5-10 plays Brainiac Maniac.
  • There is also an unreleased track called ZomBotany. It was supposed to be played in the mini-games ZomBotany and ZomBotany 2.
  • There is an infrequent glitch that usually occurs on Pool levels, where the music will randomly change from Watery Graves to Grasswalk.
    • This also occurs with the Zen Garden on the DS version. It is unknown whether this occurs elsewhere.
  • "Loonboon" was originally supposed to be twice as fast as it is currently.
  • The music in Plants vs. Zombies 2 is longer because unlike in the first game, the music is not designed to loop.
  • In Plants vs. Zombies 2, most of the music are remixes of music from the first game. For example, the Player's House and Modern Day have a remix of "Grasswalk," Ancient Egypt is possibly a remix of "Cerebrawl," Frostbite Caves is a remix of "Rigor Mormist," the Pop jam from Neon Mixtape Tour is a remix of "Loonboon", and Kongfu World is a remix of the seed selection music.
    • However, Laura Shigihara composed the piano sheet for the Ancient Egypt theme before it was later remixed by Peter McConnel.
    • In addition, there are also remixes of "Ultimate Battle" and "Brainiac Maniac" in most worlds.
    • Modern Day also has a "Graze the Roof" and a "There's a Zombie on Your Lawn" remix.
  • The only music played in Plants vs. Zombies that is not in a minor key is Zen Garden (C major). All others are in minor keys.
  • The music in Plants vs. Zombies seems to intensify during a huge wave of zombies.
    • These are called "Horde Themes."
    • This feature is missing from the Android and iOS versions.
    • This music plays through the whole level in the DS version.
  • There is no Fog level that uses the "Loonboon" and "Ultimate Battle" tracks.
  • From update 6.6.1 in Plants vs. Zombies 2, all levels play their world's theme. Ultimate Battle and Demonstration Mini-game soundtracks have been removed.


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  • Grasswalk is in A minor.
  • Moongrains is in A minor.
  • Watery Graves is in G minor.
  • Rigor Mormist is also in A minor.
  • Graze The Roof is in A minor.
  • Braniac Maniac is in C minor.
  • Loonboon is in G♯/A♭minor.
  • Cerebrawl is also in A minor.
  • Main Menu Music is in G minor.
  • Zen Garden is in C major.
  • ZomBotany is in C minor.

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