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Multi-Rocket is an alternate ability of the Foot Soldier's ZPG. It was added in the Garden Variety DLC. When used, it launches four small rockets to the target. It takes 25 seconds to recharge. It deals 35 damage for a direct hit, and about 1-20 for the splash damage.

Stickerbook description


Description about the Multi-Rocket

What's better than launching a ZPG? Launching MANY ZPGs! While smaller than standard issue ZPG, these Zomboss rockets still pack a mighty punch!



Multi-Rocket is better suited for situations for when multiple plants are in one spot, such as in Gardens & Graveyards. Additionally, it can also help in spots where plants are camping, such as the tree fort in the Welcome Mat. Have a group of teammates weaken some plants, then use the Multi-Rocket to finish them off. Other than that, it's good to use this at a safe distance, as the noise it makes is very loud, noticeable, and damage can be done to yourself if close enough to the impact. Also note that getting a kill on a plant with full health is unlikely, as landing all hits will only do 140 damage, which will only work on classes like Sunflower and Rose (not counting variants). In addition, the splash damage can do very little damage based on how far away a plant is from the impact.


  • Unlike the ZPG, these rockets have shark faces printed on them.
  • It makes a higher pitched sound before firing than the ZPG.