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Mr. Freezy is a bot in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It can be spawned in Graveyard Ops, Herbal Assault, and Backyard Battleground as defense against the plants. It is the zombie version of the Ice Peashooter, as it will fire slowing snowballs at plants. It was first revealed in the E3 gameplay by mistake when a player selected it for a split second. Its attack is named Freezer Burn. It fires one shot every 0.5 seconds three times before reloading, and each shot does 10 damage while slowing opponents. Five successive shots will freeze the target.

Stickerbook description

Mr. Freeze


Mr. Freezy's patented Brainz Freeze machine is delicious and refreshing.

Mr. Freezy Egg

Mr Freezy Egg Description

This Brainz Freeze machine is eggstremely cold.



  • The description of it describes itself as an Ice Cream Vendor.
  • Its name is possibly a reference to the villain Mr. Freeze from the Batman franchise.
  • It bears a resemblance to the Freezie enemies from the original Mario Bros. arcade game.
  • Its Stickerbook description mentions about the phrase "brain freeze". However, it used "brainz" instead of "brain" to create a zombie-like effect.

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