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Modern Day - Day 8 is the eighth level of Modern Day in Plants vs. Zombies 2. This is the first non-Epic Quest Beghouled level in Plants vs. Zombies 2. After completing this level, the player receives a money bag.


This level comes from the mini-game that appears in Plants vs. Zombies. In this level, the player is expected to defeat zombies while making 100 matches before they lose. Each match grants the player sun which they can then upgrade the pre-existing plants on the lawn. Upgrading these allows the player to survive longer. If a plant is eaten, a crater shows up and occupies that spot for the rest of the level, unless a certain power up is used. This level depends on how good the player is at matching games, and what plants they upgrade. For example, upgrading Snapdragon to Cold Snapdragon, and Peashooter to Fire Peashooter is not as effective as other strategies, as the fire/ice mix, resulting in no ice slowdown. The player should upgrade plants to be able to face the Newspaper Zombie, who can plow down an entire lane if the plants are not upgraded enough. Making combination of four or more will cause the plant to instantly use its Plant Food ability. Try not to let zombies eat too many plants or it will be hard to make matches without spending coins.

Plant upgrades

Base Plant Upgrade 1 Cost Upgrade 2 Cost
Peashooter2 Fire Peashooter2 2000 sun
Repeater2 2000 sun Threepeater2 4000 sun
Wall-nut2 Tall-nut2 1000 sun
Endurian2 1000 sun
Cabbage-pult2 Pepper-pult2 2000 sun
Melon-pult2 2500 sun Winter Melon2 5000 sun
Snapdragon2 Cold Snapdragon2 2000 sun
Lightning Reed2 Laser Bean2 2000 sun



Modern Day Day 806:19

Modern Day Day 8

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