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Modern Day - Day 43 is the forty-third level of Modern Day in Plants vs. Zombies 2. When this level is finished for the first time, the player receives a Modern Day pinata.


Similarly to Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 9, Punk Zombies are meant to push the Twin Sunflowers to the back so that the sun making goal can be met. However, this is a bit harder, as no sun producing plant can be chosen, as well as this being a very fast paced level. After the Punk Zombies come in, the level transitions to another state, where All-Star Zombies and Sunday Edition Zombies are constantly threatening the Twin Sunflowers. If all the Twin Sunflowers are gone and the player finishes the level but the sun target is not enough, the objective cannot be met, so it's best to use plants like Primal Wall-nut to protect the Twin Sunflowers. Plant Food should be prioritized on Twin Sunflowers to get the objective, as grinding for sun might be an option at the end if the sun goal is not met. Instant-use plants are highly recommended to take out the first few zombies and Sunday Edition Zombies. Escape Root can aid in protecting the Twin Sunflowers in case Punk Zombies get killed too quickly. Intensive Carrot can revive eaten Twin Sunflowers, which can be crucial to winning this level.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Basic Zombie2 Conehead Zombie23 None
2 Basic Zombie24 Conehead Zombie2 Punk Zombie23 Punk Zombie24 None 200%/7 Plant Food
3 Basic Zombie2 Basic Zombie2, Brickhead Zombie2, Flag ZombiePVZ2 Punk Zombie21 Punk Zombie22 Punk Zombie25 None First flag; 100% Plant Food
4 Conehead Zombie2, Brickhead Zombie2, All-Star Zombie2 None
5 Sunday Edition Zombie2 None
6 Flag ZombiePVZ2 Sunday Edition Zombie2 All-Star Zombie2 All-Star Zombie2 None Second flag; 100% Plant Food
7 Sunday Edition Zombie2 Sunday Edition Zombie2 All-Star Zombie2 None
8 Sunday Edition Zombie22 Sunday Edition Zombie24 All-Star Zombie22 All-Star Zombie24 None 100%/7 Plant Food
9 Flag ZombiePVZ2 Sunday Edition Zombie2 Sunday Edition Zombie2 All-Star Zombie21 All-Star Zombie23 All-Star Zombie25 None Final flag


Magnifying Strategy

Created by Fairy27

These are the plants to be used:

Plant Magnifying Grasses on the second column, and make sure to let the Twin Sunflowers alive while the Punk Zombies kick them to the first column. You can plant Celery Stalkers on the 9th column if needed, and use Stallia or Cherry Bomb on a horde of zombies. Fill in the 3rd or other columns with Primal Wall-nuts to defend against All-Star Zombies. Shadow-shrooms are used for zombies like Sunday Edition Zombie. Use Plant Food on the Twin Sunflowers. If the sun production is not enough, stall one row with Primal-Wall-nuts and do not tap the Magnifying Grass on that column so that the Twin Sunflowers can have more time to produce sun.

Strategy 2

Created by Redhonker
  • Plant Primal Wall-nut on the 8th column. Use Stallia to slow down the zombie in the top row.
  • The Punk Zombie will appear in the 3rd and 4th row. Plant Primal Wall-nut on the 4th column and Snapdragon on the 3rd column in these rows. The Punk Zombie will kick the Twin Sunflower and Primal Wall-nut over to the Snapdragon and then be killed. Clean up the Primal Wall-nut on the 2nd or 1st column. Plant Primal Wall-nut on the 5th column, Snapdragon on the 4th column, and Primal Peashooter on the 1st/2nd column to defend the lanes.
  • Repeat the above strategy for other top and bottom lane.
  • The Rally Zombie will appear in the 2nd lane though and eat the Twin Sunflower quickly. You need to plant a Primal Peashooter to push it back once and then remove it to allow Punk Zombie to kick the Twin Sunflower over.
  • End setup is to have Twin Sunflower on the 1st column, Primal Peashooter on the 2nd column, Snapdragon on the 3rd and 4th column, Primal Wall-nut on the 5th and 6th column.



Modern Day Day 43

Modern Day Day 43

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