Modern Day - Day 41 is the forty-first level of Modern Day in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Two Dark Ages portals that summon three Jester Zombies each appear throughout the level. When this level is finished for the first time, the player receives a money bag.


Like Modern Day - Day 12, do not take the objective for granted. The combination of tough zombies, Jester Zombies, Boombox Zombies, and the addition of a Gargantuar Prime at the end makes this level tricky. Be careful on when to use plants that will be lost like Cherry Bomb. In addition, bring Area of Effect plants like Snapdragon to deal with Jester Zombies, which appear as soon as the first zombie. Magnifying Grass is also a good choice, as it can deal with tough zombies and effectively get rid of the Gargantuar Prime at the end.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Jester Zombie22 None
2 Basic Zombie2 Basic Zombie2 Conehead Zombie2 None 200%/7 Plant Food
3 Basic Zombie2, Brickhead Zombie2 None 100% Plant Food
4 Conehead Zombie2 Jester Zombie24 None
5 Basic Zombie2 Boombox Zombie22 Boombox Zombie24 None 100% Plant Food
PortalDA spawns at C5R3
6 Flag ZombiePVZ2 Gargantuar Prime2 None First flag
7 Basic Zombie2, Brickhead Zombie2, Jester Zombie21 None
8 Basic Zombie2 Boombox Zombie21 Boombox Zombie23 Boombox Zombie25 None 100%/7 Plant Food
9 Conehead Zombie2 Buckethead Zombie2 Gargantuar Prime2 Jester Zombie25 None
10 Boombox Zombie21 Boombox Zombie22 Boombox Zombie24 Boombox Zombie25 None 100% Plant Food
PortalDA spawns at C5R3
11 Basic Zombie2, Brickhead Zombie2, Jester Zombie22 Jester Zombie24 None
12 Basic Zombie2 Flag ZombiePVZ2 Gargantuar Prime2 Boombox Zombie22 Boombox Zombie23 Boombox Zombie24 None Final flag


Strategy 1

Created by Redhonker (Contains premium content)
  • Required plants:
  • Plant a Twin Sunflower on the first column. If the first one takes a really long time to produce sun, restart. You can't afford the delay.
  • Plant a Wall-nut on the 5th column to stall the Jester Zombie. Try to plant 4 Twin Sunflower before you plant the Snapdragon behind the Wall-nut to kill the Jester Zombie.
  • Plant a Wall-nut on the 1st and 5th row on the 5th column to stall the zombies. Then, plant a Wall-nut on the 4th column of the 3rd row as a portal will appear on the 5th column.
  • Plant a Dandelion on the 4th and 5th row, in anticipation of the Gargantuar on the first column.
  • Plant a Snapdragon on the 4th column of the 4th row. You only need 2 Snapdragons in this level.
  • When the first Gargantuar attacks, using one Plant Food on the Snapdragon should be sufficient to kill it. You should also have 3-4 Dandelions by now.
  • Plant Dandelions on the 1st to 3rd rows.
  • Watch your Wall-nuts and use a Cherry Bomb when necessary.

Strategy 2 - Photon Cannon

Created by SCAF 2.0
  • Required plants:
  • Note: Gold Bloom and Blover are regarded as dead when you use them, so don't waste those plants.
  • Plant five Twin Sunflowers on the first column. Use Gold Bloom to take extra sun. Four death counts left.
  • Plant Magnifying Grasses on the second column. Shoot sun beam to the first Jester Zombie when he is close to your home.
  • Plant Snapdragons on the sixth column in case of Boombox Zombies. Block a Conehead Zombie with your Infi-nut.
  • Infi-nuts are immortal except for the Gargantuar Prime's attack, while your Snapdragons are not. Don't let any one of them be eaten.
  • Just before the first flag, a portal will be spawned at the third lane, fifth column, summoning extra Jester Zombies. Shoot them quickly with your Magnifying Grass before they eat her.
  • When the first flag triggers, A Gargantuar Prime will invade your lawn. At this time, you may have two Plant Foods. So use one of them on your Spring Bean and use Blover to blow away all of the airborne zombies before the robot incinerate your plants with its laser. Three death counts left.
    • Note: Don't let the Spring Bean die.
  • If you need more sun, you are allowed to use Gold Bloom, but just one more time. Two death counts left.
  • When the second Gargantuar approaches, destroy it in the same way. One death count left.
  • After this event, a portal will be spawned at the same place as the previous one. Beware the extra Jester Zombies.
  • Before the final flag, a Boombox Zombie bringing a Plant Food will appear. Kill him quickly to take it away.
  • When the final flag triggers, the third Gargantuar Prime will appear with a horde of zombies. Use Plant Food on your Spring Bean and use Blover to wipe all of them out. No more death allowed, but you beat the level.

Strategy 3

Created by Burningrocc65 (Contains premium content)

Plants required:

Note: Due to Electric Blueberry being the most important one, results may vary, but the higher level the Laser Bean the better.

Start by placing 2 Primal Sunflowers (column 1) and 1 Electric Blueberry (column 2). Finish off the column of Sunflowers and place the Laser Bean in the lane with the Conehead Zombie if it didn’t get zapped (column 3). When the portals appear place a Chard Guard to send the Jester Zombies back. Use Electric Blueberry’s Plant Food when the Gargantuar Primes appear. The Brickhead Zombies will get killed by Electric Blueberry almost 100% of the time. No further description as the Electric Blueberry’s randomness grows very quickly. The level was beaten using level 4 Electric Blueberry. Here’s what the end of the level should look like.

Primal Sunflower2 Electric Blueberry2 Laser Bean2 Chard Guard2
Primal Sunflower2 Electric Blueberry2 Laser Bean2 Chard Guard2
Primal Sunflower2 Electric Blueberry2 Laser Bean2 Chard Guard2
Primal Sunflower2 Electric Blueberry2 Laser Bean2 Chard Guard2
Primal Sunflower2 Electric Blueberry2 Laser Bean2 Chard Guard2



Modern Day Day 41

Modern Day Day 41

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