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Modern Day - Day 32 is the thirty-second level of Modern Day in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Upon starting the level, a random Zombot from the first three worlds will be chosen, and the player will be armed with plants from the next world's Zombot battle, with several changes to suit the Zombot the player is required to fight. When this level is finished for the first time, the player gets a Mystery Gift Box.



  • Dr. Zomboss: It is presently a moment of your apocalypse!
  • Dr. Zomboss: Your reckless pursuit of an already-eaten taco has shattered all of time!
  • Dr. Zomboss: It falls to me to restore future, now, and past!
  • Penny: Can it be true, User Dave?
  • Penny: Has our quest ruptured the timestream itself?
  • Crazy Dave: Allow me to address your concern thusly:
  • Crazy Dave: *ahem*
  • Crazy Dave: TACOOOOOOO!!!!!


  • Dr. Zomboss: Fools! Do you not value the validity of time?
  • Dr. Zomboss: Care you not if one moment follows another?
  • Dr. Zomboss: Moron! Ignoramus! Pot-wearer!
  • Crazy Dave: It's not a pot, it's a handled basin!
  • Penny: I am concerned, User Dave. What if he speaks true?
  • Crazy Dave: I'm too taco-addled to care, Penny! FORWARD!



  • Plants used here are from the next world of the world they take place. For example, Wild West will have Far Future plants.
  • Despite not shown on the map, this level rewards a Mystery Gift Box. This also applies to Modern Day - Day 33.


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