Mob Cob is a Super Rare variant of Kernel Corn in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. He is shown to have a 1930's gangster theme and have wheat guns as his weapon. His description in the character selection screen states that his shots penetrate zombies, and he does slightly more damage in exchange for a slight decrease in rate of fire. His weapon has 45 ammo. He had been seen in certain parts of developer diaries, especially in the Backyard Battleground. A better glimpse of him was seen in the Multiplayer Beta trailer, and he was also a playable character in the actual beta of the game. He was the only Kernel Corn variant playable in the beta.


His name is a reference to The Mob, which is another name for the American Mafia, while his outfit seems to be based on a Mafia member from the early 20th century.


Stickerbook description

Folks, meet the crusher himself, Mr. Mob Cob. Always the snappiest of dressers, Mr. Cob is a simple businessman who's looking to stop the Zombie force from encroaching on his hard-earned territory.

In-game description

Shots from his extremely damaging Cob Crusher pierce through multiple Zombie targets!

AI Health

Easy: 90

Normal: 120

Hard: 150


Primary weapon

Mob Cob's primary weapon is the Cob Crusher. It has a slightly slower rate of fire than the standard Cob Busters, and will shoot through zombies if two are standing in the line of fire.


Butter Barrage

Kernel Corn tosses a something that looks very similar to a Hot Potato. A massive amount of butter is deployed from the sky in an "x" shape wherever the Hot Potato lands.

Husk Hop

Kernel Corn leaps into the air in a forward distance while firing his Cob Busters directly below him which damages any target below him.

Shuck Shot

Similar to ZPG, Kernel Corn fires two big cobs straight in front of him (each one dealing 125 damage). It does massive damage and is capable of instantly vanquishing anything it hits (except for Z-Mechs), if the cobs manage to score a direct hit.

Bigger Better Butter

Revealed in a live stream, it is the alternative ability to the Butter Barrage. Kernel Corn tosses a Hot Potato, but instead of multiple pieces of butter being fired, one giant piece of butter falls from the sky. If it lands on an enemy zombie, it inflicts an extra 20 damage to that Zombie, as well as paralyzes it. The AOE is about the same as the Butter Barrage, but deals one heap of instant damage when it explodes (Butter Barrage has multiple explosions).


Mob Cob can be one of the most damaging Corn variants in the game once you are skilled with using him. His primary weapon does lots of damage if you can continue hitting your opponents, and it discourages using teammates as shields due to the piercing effect of his weapon. Use the Husk Hop to get to high vantage points, and then chip away at your opponents- if they fail to take cover, you should be able to vanquish them quickly. If they attempt to get away, use your Butter Barrage and Husk Hop, to try to discourage that.

Balancing changes

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC

  • Increased damage by 0.5
  • Reduced reticle bloom
  • Increased accuracy slightly

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part Two DLC

  • Increased magazine capacity from 35-45
  • Increased damage falloff start/end distance from 20/30 – 30/40



  • He is one of two characters who can shoot through multiple enemies at once, with the second being Captain Flameface.
    • Camo Cactus and Camo Ranger also achieve a piercing upgrade that allows them to shoot through multiple enemies.
  • The leaf below his face is designed to resemble a tie.
  • He is the only Kernel Corn variant to not have Corn in its name.
  • Most of his AI names reference real-life gangsters from the 20th century: Jimmy the Husk references Jimmy the Gent, while Crusher Cobs may reference Pistol Pete.
    • Alternatively, Crusher Cobs may refer to his weapon, the Corn Crusher.
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