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This article is about an upcoming Plants vs. Zombies game. The content may change, and spoilers may be revealed. Read at your own risk!
For the similar-named ability in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, see Missile Madness.
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Missile Madness (PvZH)

Missile Madness statistics
StrengthPvZH Strength HeartPvZH Health Brain Cost
- - 1
Set Premium
Rarity Legendary
Class PvZH Hearty IconPvZH Crazy Icon
Tribe Science Superpower Trick
Abilities Attack for 2 damage in three random lanes.
For Z-Mech, any target is a good target.

Missile Madness is Z-Mech's premium legendary zombie superpower card in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and a member of both the PvZH Hearty IconHearty and PvZH Crazy IconCrazy classes. It costs 1Brain to play, and its ability does 2 damage in 3 random lanes.


  • Class: Hearty, Crazy
  • Tribe: Science Superpower Trick
  • Abilities: Attack for 2 damage in three random lanes.
  • Set - Rarity: Premium - Legendary

Card description

For Z-Mech, any target is a good target.



This trick can be used similarly to Power Pummel, however unlike Power Pummel, the amount of damage it deals doesn't depend on the number of ground lanes. This can either be used right from the start to deal 6 damage to the plant hero, or can be saved for later to take out random plants.




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