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Mints are items in Plants vs. Zombies 2 used for buying Power Mints and seed packets for them. Mints are primarily obtained through Battlez, and are earned through win streak rewards and rank rewards. Some quests given by Travel Log can also give the player mints. Mints are painstakingly hard to get, because they come in small amounts for beginner players and as they rank up they meet more experienced players who have been playing Battlez for longer. Mints cannot be bought with real money, unlike Gems and Coins.

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Mints can be fairly hard to obtain in large amounts. However, if one keeps playing every day when a Power Mint is available, they can get up to 62 mints from Battlez win quests from the Travel Log. In addition, mints can be obtained from the reward streak. Try and play an average of 5 matches per day, then you can quickly obtain mints from the reward streak to earn mints. The Power Mint showcase quests will help too, as you can obtain 5 - one twentieth of your total.

Keeping a steady rank of 4th or 5th will help give you many mints, without you promoting and facing harder players: therefore increasing the difficulties of obtaining mints.


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