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Melonpult melon
Melonpult melon

A melon

Melons are projectiles launched by Melon-pult. They deal 4 normal damage shots, four times the damage of a pea. Additionally, it deals 1.5 normal damage shots of splash damage in a 2x2 square radius in Plants vs. Zombies and 2 normal damage shots in a 3x3 square radius in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Visually, it is a large green watermelon.

Pogo parteh cracked melon

The explosion created by a melon

Frozen melon

Frozen melons are projectiles and a variant of the regular melon launched by the Winter Melon. They deal the same amount of damage to the zombies, but it reduces their speed by 50%, just like a frozen pea. Visually, the frozen melon is tinted blue over its green counterpart, with snow following the melon, similarly to the frozen pea.


  • On some Android devices, both types of melons may be circular rather than oval-shaped, or remarkably thin. This is caused by the varying screen dimensions on said devices.
WinterMelon projectile

A frozen melon

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