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According to my research,
a plague has swept this era.
This article is about something that is no longer available. Therefore, it is archived.
Matilda is a character in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. She is rescued from the Plantagon Lot after obtaining the Fog-a-majig.


Meet Matilda, an expert horticulturist and all around plant lover. But that's not the only thing she loves: she also loves fighting zombies! Help her clear out the zombies and she'll hook you up with some amazing zombie-fighting hardware.

-Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Facebook Page


Matilda is described as a stubborn, proud, but friendly person. This is best described through after the Cafe Lot is reclaimed, and she says that she needs some time alone. Before the player can reclaim the Fire Station Lot, Matilda comes to the player saying that her kitchen is on fire, and she needs the fire station to put it out. This shows that Matilda can be clumsy and cause accidents from time to time, especially at cooking. It is also revealed inside the quest "Taco Truck Blues," that not only is Matilda horrible at cooking, but that she also has a crush on Crazy Dave. This is implied in quests earlier in which she looks out for Crazy Dave's happiness and enjoyment, but it isn't directly stated to the player until then. However, it is also possible she doesn't, as she states the beginning of the quest "More Honey More Problems" that she thinks they would be better as friends.


After Matilda is rescued from the Plantagon Lot, she will offer several abilities to the player. The first is a new plant, Aspearagus, and she also provides the player with Plant Perk and ZombiFreeze, which temporarily enhances plants and paralyzes zombies, respectively. Finally, her Plantagon, when repaired, will create spare lawn mowers as a booster the player can use on levels, and each time activated, it will allow the player to replace used lawn mowers, but a level one Plantagon will only produce one every ten hours since the last time it was collected. A level two Plantagon can produce two over 15 hours, with seven and a half hours needed to make one, and a level three can produce three lawn mowers every 20 hours.

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