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Mammoth Rider ZombieAS

Plants vs. Zombies- All Stars

Mammoth Rider Zombie

Mammoth Rider ZombieAS
Attack an enemy before lashing into your defenses.
Almanac statistics
Toughness Undying
In-game statistics
First seen Prehistoric Ages - Day 20

Mammoth Rider Zombie is a boss in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars. It is encountered in Prehistoric Ages. The mammoth is brown with red eyes, two white tusks, and there is a bulky caveman zombie riding on top of it. The zombie has a leopard pelt for a shirt and white eyes holding a carrot on a stick. The zombie also has a sack with four more carrots in. It is the final boss of Prehistoric Ages. It has 5 stages of health. Its boss skill is to throw a carrot away, which makes the mammoth to run toward the plants, dealing damage to them.




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