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Magneto Mushroom (万磁菇; pinyin: wàn cí gū) is a Tier 3 plant in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars and is the upgrade of Electromagnetic Mushroom. It attacks zombies that are close to it by hitting them with its magnet, which sends a wave of sparks at the targeted zombie in the process.

Tier 3 Effect + Anger Effect

Magnet Conversion: Before battle, Magneto Mushroom will use magnetic conversion to convert the plant with the highest defense into attack, lasting for ten turns.



  • Visually, it resembles a silver Magnet-shroom with a wider magnet and base cap.
    • It shares this visual trait with Electromagnetic Mushroom, with the different coloration and the wider base cap. However, the base cap is wider than that of the Electromagnetic Mushroom.

It's name could possibly be a nod to the Marvel supervillain, Magneto.

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