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Plants vs. Zombies Online
(translation: Litchi)
一次性植物,将它种在一排任意空地上,即可将本排全部潜行在地下的僵尸喷出来,并造成不低的伤害。 技能:无
Almanac statistics
Sun cost 100
Recharge Slow
Damage Normal
In-game statistics
Unlocked Collecting 60 Puzzle Pieces

Litchi (钻地荔枝果), also called the Penetrating Magma Fruit in some areas of the game, is a plant unlocked in the East Sea Dragon Palace. It ejects all of the zombies sneaking underground in the lane it is planted out and deals damage to them. It currently only appears in Adventure Mode.

Old description


Disposable plant: An undersea weapon to counter large-scale objects.



  • It is based off a real-world fruit, the lychee.
  • In some areas where it's referred to as "Penetrating Magma Fruit", its name extends beyond where it's supposed to be, causing visual glitches.
  • It and Lychee Bomb are the only plants based on real-world lychees.
    • This means Lychees have only been represented in the Plants vs. Zombies series via Chinese-exclusive games.
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