Level 3-8 is the twenty-eighth level in Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West, and Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition, and it is the eighth Pool level. It is a regular level. When this level is finished for the first time, the player obtains the Tall-nut.


  • The player has to deal with the new Dolphin Rider Zombie, the faster pool version of Pole Vaulting Zombie. After Dolphin Rider Zombie jumps over one plant, it loses its dolphin and moves like a regular Zombie, similarly to Pole Vaulting Zombie.


  • Required plants:
  • Plant two rows of Sunflowers with Potato Mines to kill the beginning zombies. Once you have enough sun, plant Repeaters or Snow Peas on every lane. Use two of them on pool lanes.
  • Plant Squash in the pool lanes so that the Ducky Conehead Zombies die before reaching them and the Dolphin Rider Zombies will get dragged down by them.
  • Plant at least two columns of Wall-nuts In the pool lanes, and Spikeweeds in every land spot not taken to defend the expensive Repeaters.
  • In the final wave, two Dolphin Rider Zombies and the three Conehead Zombies (that emerges from the pool) are the biggest threats. Make sure you have enough Repeaters and Squash to deal with them.
  • Required plants:
  • Strategy 2
    • Sunflower
    • Repeater
    • Snow Pea
    • Lily Pad
    • Tangle Kelp
    • Potato Mine
  • Plant Tangle Kelp in the last two pool lanes.
  • Make sure to have 2 rows of Sunflowers.
  • Potato Mine the first few zombies.
  • If you have enough sun, put two columns of Repeaters.
  • Put a column of Snow Peas.
  • You should win.



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