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League of Awesome is the second mission given to the player by Super Duper Brainz. When the player completes the mission, they are awarded 5,000 coins.


Super Duper Brainz enlists your help in finding the members of the League of Awesome. To begin, the player is transported back to the Backyard Battleground and must find Toxic Brainz. In order to do so, the player must head to the sewers. They will find a rat near Rux's Bazaar, and will request you to find a slice of pizza nearby to tell you where he is. Once the player collects the pizza, they will be encountered with a Squash, who will likely vanquish the player in the tight space. The rat then tells you that Toxic Brainz is found under the bridge near the Zompark. When the player arrives there, they must defeat a Champion Chomp Thing. The player must search for Electro Brainz next, who is located in an electronic screen near the globe fountain. The player will rescue Electro Brainz, but must face a Big Stump to progress. Lastly, the player must find a telescope near the docks to search for Cozmic Brainz. The player does not need to fulfill an additional objective for Cozmic Brainz. The mission is completed afterwards.


  • Finding the rat and pizza is simple, as they tell you the locations.
  • The Squash will likely vanquish the player if they do not pick a character like Scientist or Super Brainz that can use their abilities to bypass it. However, getting vanquished by the Squash does not mean the player loses.
  • Do NOT attempt to defeat the Squash. It has a lot of health, and the player is only awarded 50 XP for defeating it.
  • Continue onto the sewer end, where you'll find the Champion Chomp Thing. It will not instant-kill you, so you should not get vanquished unless you cannot deal enough damage.
  • Electro Brainz will assist you in defeating a Big Stump. Electro Brainz does not die, so keep that in mind.
  • Cozmic Brainz is right nearby, and the player only needs to sit through dialogue.
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