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For other versions, see Laser Bean (disambiguation).
Laser Bean gw

Laser Bean is a Spawnable Plant in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare that was released in the Legends of the Lawn DLC. It rapidly shoots lasers at a medium to long range. Its attack is the Hot Laser, and each shot deals seven to nine damage.

Stickerbook description

The Laser Bean is great at two things: Shooting giant lasers out of his eyes, and staring contests.


These are very great near Gardens or an objective point for the zombies, as the zombies may focus on the objective point more than potted plants, which can result in a potted plant vanquish. They are mediocre at front-line place pots, as they have medium range. However, beware massive groups of zombies that can arrive, which can easily overwhelm Laser Bean.



  • It is the only Spawnable Plant that does not directly hit Barrel PirateOuthouse Zombie, and Coffin Zombie on their weak spot.
  • It made two appearances in Garden Warfare trailers before it was announced.
    • Its first trailer appearance uses the old design.[1]
  • It does a somersault when planted.
  • Its description makes a reference to its old Almanac entry from Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • It is different from the other Plants vs. Zombies games. In other games, Laser Bean shoots one laser that pierced through zombies; whereas, in this game, it shoots multiple lasers that do not pierce through zombies.


  1. Laser Bean Concept Art
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