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For other versions, see Laser Bean (disambiguation).
For other usages of beans, see bean.
Laser Bean
Laser Bean2
Laser Beans fire down a lane, hitting all zombies ahead of it.
Almanac statistics
Sun cost 200
Recharge Fast
Damage Normal
Area Lane
Range Multi-Hit, all zombies in a lane
Rarity (China) Rare
In-game statistics
Direct damage 2 normal damage shots every 3 seconds(to all enemies in the lane)
Weakness Snorkel Zombie2 (hides underwater from attack)

Glitter Zombie2 (zombies in her lane are immune to damage)
Newspaper Zombie2 Sunday Edition Zombie2 (must destroy his newspaper first)

Unlocked Beating Far Future - Day 1
Unlocked (China) Collecting 10 Laser Bean Puzzle Pieces
Laser Bean Costume
After a laser eye surgery had gone horribly right, Laser Bean gained a sense of purpose and a new-found affinity for competitive staring contests.
Laser Bean2

Laser Bean is the first plant obtained in Far Future in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Every 3 seconds, it will fire a blue laser beam down the entire lane it is in, dealing 2 normal damage shots worth of damage to every zombie. The beam cannot be blocked, reflected or resisted in any way, but does not hurt zombies protected by Glitter Zombie's rainbow.


This plant's name is a portmanteau of "laser beam," a light emitted through a process of optical amplification and "bean," the type of plant that this plant is based on.

Its red cape costume is a reference to Superman. Coincidentally, they can both shoot lasers out of their eyes.

Almanac entry

Laser Bean


DAMAGE: Moderate

RANGE: Multi-Hit

Laser Beans fire down a lane, hitting all zombies ahead of it.

Range: All zombies in a lane

After a laser eye surgery had gone horribly right, Laser Bean gained a sense of purpose and a new-found affinity for competitive staring contests.


Plant Food effect

Laser Bean PF

When fed with Plant Food, Laser Bean fires a powerful laser blast from its mouth, dealing 90 normal damage shots to all zombies in the lane.

Costumed (China only)

It shoots a red laser that deals 135 normal damage shots.

Level upgrades

Level Seed Packets Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge
Plant Food Power
1 0 0 200 5 seconds 3 bites 2 nds Once Multi-Hit
2 10 1,000 200 4.5 seconds 3.25 bites 2.5 nds Once
3 25 4,000 175 4.5 seconds 3.5 bites 3 nds Once
4 50 8,000 175 4.5 seconds 3.75 bites 3.5 nds Once
5 100 12,000 175 4.5 seconds 4 bites 4 nds Twice
6 150 20,000 175 4 seconds 4.5 bites 4.5 nds Twice
7 200 30,000 150 4 seconds 5 bites 5 nds Twice
8 300 40,000 150 4 seconds 5.5 bites 5.5 nds Twice
9 500 50,000 150 4 seconds 6 bites 6 nds Twice
10 750 60,000 150 3.5 seconds 6.5 bites 6.5 nds Twice
11 1000 75,000 125 3.5 seconds 7 bites 7 nds Twice
12 1,250 100,000 125 3.5 seconds 7.5 bites 7.5 nds Thrice
13 1,500 150,000 125 3.5 seconds 8 bites 8 nds Thrice
14 1,750 200,000 125 3 seconds 8.5 bites 8.5 nds Thrice
15 2,000 250,000 100 3 seconds 9 bites 9 nds Thrice

Level upgrade (China only)

Level Upgrades Description
LevelIcon2New Laser Bean Upgrade 1
Faster Recharge
Laser Bean can shoot two consecutive lasers. As a result, its DPS (damage per second) increases by 35%.
Combat Training
Laser Bean gains 50% more attack power and health (150% of initial).
LevelIcon3New Laser Bean Upgrade 2
Higher Power
Laser Bean shoots laser beams consecutively without delay. As a result, its DPS increases by another 35%.
Cell Activation
Laser Bean gains another 50% more attack power and health (200% of initial).
LevelIcon4New AbilityAwakendIcon
Ability Awaken
Laser Bean may be boosted when planted.
Fighting Power
Laser Bean gains another 50% more attack power and health (250% of initial).

Plants vs. Zombies Online (China only)

In Adventure Mode

Fires a laser that deals damage to all enemies on target's row with a chance to stun them.


Because of its ability to damage all enemies in a lane regardless of zombie density, Laser Bean specializes in cleaning up large clusters of weaker enemies such as Camel Zombies, Zombie Chickens and Ice Weasels. Compared to other area-of-effect plants, Laser Bean trades a noticeable amount of firepower for increased reliability - while it only deals as much damage as a Peashooter, its attack has unlimited range unlike Fume-shroom, does not interfere with ice-based plants like Snapdragon, and cannot be reflected like A.K.E.E., Cactus, and Melon-pult. The low firepower output for a plant that costs 200 sun also means that Laser Bean will have trouble against more powerful enemies, as well as ambushes that can spawn zombies close to the player's defense line, so using it as a support plant is recommended.

Laser Bean is effective against zombies that attempt to shield themselves by blocking or reflecting projectiles, such as Barrel Roller Zombies, Jester Zombies and Excavator Zombies. They are also effective against zombies that can use obstacles to spawn threats in endless numbers such as Imp Porters, and Arcade Zombies. It is also a useful plant in Ancient Egypt and Dark Ages as a tool for clearing tombstones, as well as in Frostbite Caves to quickly destroy frozen blocks and neutralize Troglobites attempting to push them.

In Endless Zones, Laser Bean can be used to deter zombies at lower levels, as it might take up to a few dozen levels before the player can obtain a more powerful offensive option. Laser Bean should be replaced if the player wishes to go to higher levels however, as even Buckethead Zombies can pose serious threats to Laser Bean.

Laser Bean's Plant Food ability can simulate an ability identical to how Jalapeno chars the zombies. This gives it limited use against attacking multiple lanes, such as when a group of Gargantuars are nearing defenses. However, unlike Jalapeno, it can kill airborne Imps with its Plant Food ability and is very comparable to Citron's ability, except it is more ideal for crowd control as the ability does not stop at zombies which can take more than one instant kill's worth of damage while Citron's power ends when it meets machine zombies like the Robo-Cone Zombie, or Gargantuars, leaving a chance to the other zombies to charge forward.

Laser Bean and Primal Peashooter make a very efficient combo because they cover each other's weaknesses. While Laser Bean is weak to high hitpoint zombies, Primal Peashooter is weak to swarms. While the Laser Bean vanquishes the weaker horde, Primal Peashooter will stall and destroy stronger units.


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Laser Bean2
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Laser Bean2



  • Its Plant Food ability is likely a parody to the Shoop Da Whoop meme and also resembles one of Dr. Zomboss's attacks in the Nintendo DS exclusive mini-game Air Raid from Plants vs. Zombies.

Specific to Plants vs. Zombies 2

  • In the Far Future teaser Piñata Parties, it attacked more frequently, but its Plant Food effect dealt only 30 normal damage shots in its lane.
  • When watering it in the Zen Garden, it looks like it only has a row of teeth in the upper part of its mouth. However, when the Plant Food upgrade is used, two rows of teeth can be seen.
  • In its almanac entry, it says the phrase "horribly right," which is a pun of "horribly wrong."
  • Like most plants that can become airborne, it cannot be blown away by Blover due to being a plant.
  • In August 2013 there was a teaser Behind the Brainz - New Plants and 18 seconds into the video, one of the developers mentioned Laser Bean, which was teasing it before Far Future was even released.
  • Although it does not attack zombies using electricity, its seed packets are still in the Electric Piñatas.

Specific to Plants vs. Zombies Online

  • Its laser does 1.5 normal damage shots instead of 2.

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