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The Ladder is the shield used by Ladder Zombie. It can be left on defensive plants, which can be climbed over by the Ladder Zombie and other zombies until it is removed. Some ways to remove it include the Magnet-shroom and explosive plants.
Ladder Zombie2
Ladder Zombie using it.


The ladder absorbs 25 normal damage shots and its appearance changes upon 9, 17, and 25 normal damage shots.


For more strategies, see Ladder Zombie.

The ladder is the only object that zombies can climb over. It can be destroyed with an explosive plant or it can be pulled away with a Magnet-shroom. It is imperative that it is destroyed quickly so zombies do not take too much advantage of it. Even when the Cattail shoots a spike to Ladder Zombie's back, the damage is dealt to the ladder. If a Tall-nut or Wall-nut in a Pumpkin has a ladder placed on it, removing the Pumpkin will remove the ladder.



  • According to the Ladder Zombie's Almanac entry, the ladder was $8.99.
    • In real life, this is a rather cheap price for a ladder.
  • When a zombie is slowed, it can still climb up the ladder at normal speed.
  • When zombies climb the ladder, there is not a climbing animation.
  • The ladder can only be damaged by instant kills after it is placed.
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