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The Laboratory is where the player can upgrade their PvP Mode area in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. In here, the player can upgrade their Training Camp, their defense area and much more.


The Laboratory is where all of the important things in your PvP Area can be upgraded. There would be a menu screen and you can choose what to upgrade.

Description for the 3 things
  1. This shows the level of the the object. In this example, it shows that this PvP player's base if Level 4.
  2. This tells you what you are selecting. Here it shows the player selecting the base.
  3. Here is the scrolling bar. You can upgrade 5 things in total. You can upgrade your entire base, your total amount of sun, your capacity of training zombie troops, leveling up your zombie troops and leveling up your power ups.

Leveling Up

When you are leveling up, you may only upgrade one thing at a time. When you upgrade, it mostly takes a hour or two. To level up, you must use PvPStarCoin to upgrade your objects. In the example (image is in the gallery, first image), you can see that it needs PvPStarCoin600 to upgrade to the 5th level. On the top, it shows what you will get  PvPStarCoin5300 every 70 hours and PvPMedal2600. Next to it shows what you get if you upgrade your base.



  • The Laboratory is similar to Town Hall in Clash of Clans.