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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
For the level before the v1.8 update, see Kongfu World - Day 1 (Pre-1.8).

Kongfu World - Day 1 is the first level of Kongfu World in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. This level introduces the Weapon Stands, along with the Torch Kongfu Zombie, a variant of the Explorer Zombie. When this level is finished for the first time, the player gets coins.

"Ah, this is Kongfu World, I want to see qigong performances!"

Crazy Dave

In the Normal Mode of this level, the player has to beat Kongfu Zombies at Level 1.


(Crazy Dave appears)
Crazy Dave: Ah, this is the Kongfu World. I want to see the qigong performances!
(Penny appears)
Penny: According to my math, the dangerous level of the zombies that know how to do Kung-Fu doubles.
Penny: Also be careful of those weapon stands, looks like the zombies particularly like taking stuff on the stands!
(Crazy Dave and Penny leave)


  • Torch Kongfu Zombie, as mentioned before, is practically the Kongfu World variant of Explorer Zombie, so this zombie is not a particularly big threat as the player should have dealt with Explorer Zombies before. Iceberg Lettuce is the counter for it, along with Snow Pea and other ice plants.
  • The Weapon Stands could also be a threat. It is best to destroy them before any basic zombies reach it.


  • Start normally with ten Sunflowers. Delay and defeat the first zombies with cheap plants.
  • When the Conehead Kongfu Zombie appears, start planting attack plants.
  • Be ready when a zombie is about to reach a Weapon Stand. The Flag Stand will let the basic zombie summon more zombies in different lanes, while the Torch Stand will give the basic zombie a torch which it will use to destroy plants instantly. Using Iceberg Lettuce and lobbed-shot plants will help.
  • Note that this is a very simple level, so you can create many strategies in this level.


In the Hard Mode of this level, the player has to beat the zombies at Level 2 or above.


  • The zombies here are at Level 2, which means the zombies have twice the health. The player should bring powerful plants or Level 2 plants.


  • Do as what you did to complete Easy Mode, but it is recommended use powerful attack plants or Level 2 attack plants instead.