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Lobbed Shot plants
Lobbed-shot Plants
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Lobbed Shots are projectiles fired from catapult plants. They hit zombies in the head and bypass shields such as screen doors, ladders, trash cans and newspapers in addition to being able to hit Snorkel Zombies when they are underwater. Their range of damage varies from a normal damage shot to an instant kill. Currently, there are five kinds of lobbed shot projectiles. The fire rate for lobbed shots is half the speed of Peashooters, but usually twice as effective.

Lobbed Projectiles

Cabbagepult basket


The kernel is the standard ammunition of the Kernel-pult and does the damage of a normal damage shot.
WinterMelon basket2
Frozen Basket
It's also the smallest projectile. The Suburban Almanac states that it does only light damage, because it is fired half as often as the pea. The kernel has a random chance to turn into butter, which is much more powerful than the kernel itself, since it is twice as powerful and has the ability to paralyze the zombie it lands on.


Main article: Butter

Butter is a special projectile launched by Kernel-pults, although it is less common than the kernels that they usually throw. Most of zombies are hit by butter, they are temporarily immobilized. After a few seconds, the butter will disappear from the zombie's head (thus allowing it to move).


Cabbage is the projectile fired from the Cabbage-pult. It does the damage of two normal damage shots, but as it is fired at about half the speed of the pea, it is considered to be effectively the same. However, as the cabbage is a lobbed shot, it can also damage shield zombies and Snorkel Zombies directly.


Main article: Melon.

Melon is a projectile launched by Melon-pult. It deals four times the damage of a pea, and it deals 1.5 peas of splash damage in a 3x3 radius. It is a large green melon that strongly resembles a watermelon.

Pogo parteh cracked melon
The explosion created by a Melon

Frozen Melon

The frozen melon is a projectile launched by the Winter Melon. It deals the same amount of damage to the zombies, but it reduces their speed by 50%. Visually, the frozen melon is tinted blue over its green counterpart and snow follows the melon, very similar to the frozen version of the pea.

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