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Karate Zombie is a zombie introduced in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. He is a Spawnable Zombie that was first seen in the map Zen Peak. He attacks by punching and kicking plants, and the force of the said punch makes him move forward slightly. His kicks also knock Plants back. He is also capable of jumping very high, similar to Super Brainz's super jump, and Zen Sensei's high jump. His attacks are named Hurricane Kick and Karate Chop.

Stickerbook description

Get punched! Get kicked, too! Karate Zombie can definitely do both!


  • There is a Champion version of this zombie, that appears in Zen Sensei Super Boss Waves. This is one of the only times when a Spawnable Zombie is a Champion, other than the Champion Vampire Zombie that appears in the Agent Rose mission The Wand of Sweet Spells.
  • He is the only spawnable zombie that does not have a plant counterpart.
  • Despite being karate themed, they are referred to as Ninjas by Crazy Dave in a L.E.A.F. mission.
  • These zombies will sometimes make high-pitched sounds or Japanese-like sounds, like stereotypical ninjas do in common culture.
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