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Jurassic Gargantuar2
For other uses, see Gargantuar (disambiguation).

Jurassic Gargantuar

Jurassic Gargantuar2
Prehistoric provider of Mesozoic malarkey.
Almanac statistics
Toughness Great
Speed Stiff
Special Launches Jurassic Imp when damaged
Damage Crushes plants with bone
In-game statistics
Absorbs 270 normal damage shots
First seen Jurassic Marsh - Day 12
Jurassic Gargantuar wonders how there can be zombies millions of years before the advent of humanity. He doesn't let it get in the way of his plant-bashing, however.

Jurassic Gargantuar is a Gargantuar variant appearing in Jurassic Marsh. Compared to normal Gargantuars, Jurassic Gargantuar is significantly tougher, capable of absorbing up to 270 normal damage shots worth of damage before dying, which makes it the Gargantuar variant with the highest health in Plants vs. Zombies 2. On the other hand, Jurassic Gargantuar moves much more slowly, giving the plants more time to attack before he can reach them.

Almanac entry

Jurassic Gargantuar

SPEED: Stiff

Prehistoric provider of Mesozoic malarkey.

Damage: crushes plants with bone
Special: launches Jurassic Imp when damaged

Jurassic Gargantuar wonders how there can be zombies millions of years before the advent of humanity. He doesn't let it get in the way of his plant-bashing, however.


Jurassic Gargantuar absorbs 270 normal damage shots and does not degrade. It launches its Jurassic Imp at 135 normal damage shots.


Player's House: Piñata Party

Jurassic Marsh: Days 12, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 29, 30, 32 and La Brainsa Tarpits

Modern Day: Days 10, 16, 20 and 34


While Jurassic Gargantuar is significantly tougher than the average Gargantuar, his slower movement speed means that normal offensive plants will have no more problem fighting him compared to other variants. The trouble arises however when the player decides to use instant plants: Up to three Cherry Bombs are required to defeat Jurassic Gargantuar, therefore even the use of Imitater will not prevent him from throwing his Jurassic Imp.

Ultimately, any strategies that worked with normal Gargantuars should also apply to Jurassic Gargantuars: Instant plants can quickly whittle him down, while slowing and stunning plants can give the defense more attacking time. Perfume-shroom can also be used to charm a raptor, allowing him to instantly kill Jurassic Gargantuar by kicking him off the lawn. The player can also use a Primal Wall-nut, which can take three smashes if it does not have any degrades showing, to temporarily stall him while your other plants attack him, since it has a cheap cost of 75 sun, and a fast recharge. However, note that this may not work when they are in clusters. Plants like Primal Potato Mines are much cheaper than Cherry Bombs, thus you should try to use them instead and if possible, use Plant Food on Primal Potato Mines.

Primal Peashooters will be able to stall Jurassic Gargantuars, due to their movement speed. However, at least two Primal Peashooters are needed to stall a single Jurassic Gargantuar, while four or five will be needed to stall clusters of them.

However, Jurassic Gargantuar will be much more dangerous when aided by a T-Rex. It is important to use Perfume-shroom before the T-Rex roars.

The Citron's big plasma ball can instantly kill the Jurassic Gargantuar because unlike other zombies, the plasma ball deals 300 normal damage shots to it.




  • He and Pharaoh Zombie are the only zombies excluding Zombots and zombies behind Glitter Zombie that can survive an attack from Electric Blueberry, although the plant's clouds will strike them until they die.
  • He appears as a reference to the movie The Croods as in the movie, Grug Crood, the big, buff, over-protective father of the main character carries a smaller, skinnier man who knows how to survive the "Apocalypse" in a log as his prisoner.
  • The line, "Prehistoric provider of Mesozoic malarkey," in the almanac entry of this zombie may be a nod to the world's old name, which was Mesozoic Marsh.

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