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Jurassic Bully2


Jurassic Bully

Jurassic Bully2
A trudging, damage-resistant zombie who is immune to Primal Peashooter's knockback.
Almanac statistics
Toughness Machined
Speed Basic
In-game statistics
In-game toughness Dense
Absorbs 52.5 normal damage shots
First seen Jurassic Marsh - Day 21
Jurassic Bully is slow, stupid, and smells bad. But hey, at least he's punctual.

Jurassic Bully is a zombie encountered in Jurassic Marsh. It was first revealed in the Jurassic Marsh Part 2 developer diary, released on December 14, 2015.

In addition to increased toughness compared to the average zombie, Jurassic Bully is immune to Primal Peashooter's knockback effect. It is not immune to Primal Peashooter's stunning effect however, nor can it resist other plants that can knock zombies back such as Spring Bean and Chard Guard.

Almanac entry

SPEED: Basic

A trudging, damage-resistant zombie who is immune to Primal Peashooter's knockback.

Jurassic Bully is slow, stupid, and smells bad. But hey, at least he's punctual.


Jurassic Bully absorbs exactly 52.5 normal damage shots. Its appearance changes upon absorbing 26.25 normal damage shots when its arm is lost, before dying at 52.5 normal damage shots.


Lost City: "Aloe, Salut!" Epic Quest - Step 8 (portal only)

Jurassic Marsh: Days 21-32, La Brainsa Tarpits, "Rescue the Gold Bloom" Epic Quest - Step 10 and Piñata Party

Modern Day: Days 10, 34, Highway to the Danger Room (portal only) and "Rescue the Gold Bloom" Epic Quest - Step 1


If you see Jurassic Bully on the seed selection, choose instant-kills (such as Chili Bean, Cherry Bomb, etc.). Try to use Perfume-shroom on dinosaurs (such as the T. Rex), as Jurassic Bullies are very dangerous when they are assisted by dinosaurs. Magnifying Grass is the best way to kill it quickly, since it takes two shots to kill. This zombie is also dangerous if combined with Jurassic Gargantuars and Jurassic Fossilheads.

Among the introduced plants, the Primal Potato Mine is the best at killing them at once in groups, even when they are affected by T. Rex's roar. Cold Snapdragons come in handy to slow down their increased speed when affected by the roar.

Generally, the most dangerous thing about Jurassic Bully is the fact that if a pterodactyl carries one to the back, Primal Peashooter cannot knock it out of the reach of the plants in the back. Perfume-shroom should be used on pterodactyls as soon as possible. If a Jurassic Bully does make it to the back, Celery Stalker is usually a good choice for dealing with it.



  • It shares its body structure and animations with Arcade Zombie, Troglobite, and Octo Zombie. It also shares its walking animation with the aforementioned zombies as well as MC Zom-B.
  • When it dies, the player can hear sounds made by Troglobite when pushing frozen blocks. This is likely an error.
  • According to Penny, it is simply too stupid to "observe typical physics", which is the reason why it is immune to Primal Peashooter's knockback effect.
    • Despite this, other plants that can push back zombies can still push it back.
  • It is called "Bully Zombie" in the Travel Log.
    • This is shared with other zombies who have their names incorrectly spelled in the Travel Log, such as MC Zom-B and Pianist Zombie.
  • It is the strongest physical zombie beside Gargantuars.

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