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Jingle Brains

Jingle Brains is a video that was released on the Plants vs. Zombies YouTube channel on December 19, 2014 to announce the Feastivus Piñata Parties for Plants vs. Zombies 2 and the Joyous Holiday Packs for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.


Plants vs00:55

Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Garden Warfare Celebrate Feastivus, 2014

Bashing through the snow
In a Snow Pea-powered sleigh
O´er the lawn we go
Tossing snowballs all the way
The sap-cones start to fling
Man, it`s quite a sight!
What fun it is to ride and sing
And give zombies a fright!
Oh, Jingle brains, jingle brains... (plate scratches then stops for a brief time)
Bashing through the snow
In a zombie-powered sleigh
Scientist lights a-glow
Whoa! Chomper's in the way!
Zombies heads in pretty bows
Cactus in festive spikes
What fun it is to ride in snow
And eat tasty brains all night-night-night-night- (plate breaks down)






  • The song is a parody of the classic Christmas song Jingle Bells.
  • Nearly half of the cards over the fireplace has several references to Christmas and other holidays, such as:
    • Card no.1 - Wishing you a wonderful winter season
    • Card no.3 - Merry Christmas
    • Card no.4 - Happy New Year
    • Card no.7 - Peace on earth
  • The Snow Pea in the trailer has an all blue stem, then changed to green after that.
    • It could be in the middle of its Plant Food ability.

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