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Jackhammer Rush2 Jackhammer Rush
As an Engineer, Vanquish 10 Players while riding the Jackhammer

Difficulty: Medium

Jackhammer Rush Xbox1

Jackhammer Rush icon in the Xbox One version

Jackhammer Rush is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. To get it, the player must vanquish ten players while riding the Jackhammer or Turbo Jackhammer as the Engineer.


Jackhammer Rush is quite easy to get, as it is counted as a total, not ten at once or in one session of a battle. Use the Jackhammer to circle around your opponents while shooting them, so they can't get a clear shot to attack you. Another strategy is to use a Sonic Grenade to stun hordes of plants, then use the Jackhammer and start firing your weapon. Variants with higher DPS are better to vanquish the plants quickly, such as the Electrician, Welder, Painter, and Plumber.

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