This item is available only during certain events, and cannot always be obtained in-game. However, it can still be used if you have already obtained it. It is currently not available.
For the version in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, see Jack O' Lantern (PvZH).
Tap Jack O' Lantern for a burst of flame. Tap and HOLD for an extended burst that does increasing damage!


Jack O' Lantern, , is a special-edition premium plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2, tied with the Lawn of Doom 2015 event released with the 4.1 update. He returned on the Luck O' The Zombie 2016 event with the discounted price of $3.99. He, along with Ghost Pepper, Witch Hazel and Sweet Potato, has returned in the 2017 Lawn of Doom event.

He is a tap-to-use plant that blows a flame jet three tiles in front of him for a few seconds. When not continuously pressed, he will use one of five "charges" to just deliver a short burst of fire, which will deal continuous damage in an area of effect for a very short while, totaling 15 normal damage shots. If held, he will deal continuous damage while draining his remaining charges. After holding on him from its full recharge form (five charges), he deals a total of exactly 90 normal damage shots, which is enough to kill all non-machined and non-Gargantuar zombies.

If he is not attacking, he will gradually recharge itself. After fully depleted all of his charges, he takes 5 seconds to the first charge and another 16 seconds to fully recharge himself. Jack is also a fire-based plant, emitting heat every 1.5 seconds that gradually unfreezes frozen or chilled plants in a 3x3 area around him, as well as being immune to all freezing effects himself. Additionally, his fire attack can relight Prospector Zombie's dynamite stick or Explorer Zombie's torch, thawing chilled zombies, as well as not being able to affect Imp Dragon Zombie.


Jack O' Lantern is based on a real life object, the Jack-o'-lantern. These are mostly put out at Halloween, referring to how Jack is only available during Halloween (unless there is a special event).

Almanac entry

Jack O' Lantern

RECHARGE: Sluggish


SPECIAL: Flame Length

Jack O' Lanterns spray fire down a lane, doing extensive burning damage over a short distance.

Usage: tap for single flame burst; tap and hold for more powerful flame jet
Special: fire recharges over time

"Boo! Mwah-ha-ha-haaaaah," opines Jack O' Lantern. Oh, yes. Things and stuff are scheduled to be seriously spooky when he's around. Count on it."


Plant Food effect

Jack O' Lantern PF

Jack O' Lantern burning Gargantuar and Conehead Zombies with his Plant Food ability.

When fed Plant Food, Jack O' Lantern summons nine green wisps on random tiles on the lawn. The wisps, which resemble Jack himself, continuously do fire damage to zombies, dealing 45 damage. He will also restore all his five charges to full.

Costumed (China only)

He will now spawn ten wisps instead of nine.

Level upgrades

Level Seed packets Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge
(Flame Length)
Plant Food Power
1 0 0 225 20 seconds 15 seconds 3 bites 15 nds 3 Tiles 6 nds
2 10 1,000 225 19 seconds 14 seconds 3.5 bites 17.5 nds 7.5 nds
3 25 2,500 225 19 seconds 14 seconds 4 bites 20 nds 4 Tiles 7.5 nds
4 50 5,000 225 18 seconds 13 seconds 4.5 bites 22.5 nds 10 nds
5 100 10,000 200 18 seconds 13 seconds 5.5 bites 25 nds 10 nds
6 200 20,000 200 17 seconds 12 seconds 6 bites 27.5 nds 12.5 nds
7 400 30,000 200 17 seconds 12 seconds 6.5 bites 27.5 nds 5 Tiles 12.5 nds
8 800 50,000 200 16 seconds 11 seconds 7 bites 27.5 nds 15 nds
9 1,200 75,000 200 15 seconds 10 seconds 8 bites 27.5 nds 16.25 nds
10 1,600 100,000 175 15 seconds 10 seconds 9 bites 27.5 nds 17.5 nds

* Per single tap burst of flame. Using a continuous stream from a full charge will deal 6x the amount in total.


The best way to use it is when the plant is fully charged. When zombies are near, hold the plant until you see that all the zombies within its range are burned. This way, you make sure that you fully use this plant.

Since he is a short-ranged plant, it is best to place him near your defensive plants. Using him in the tile behind your Wall-nuts can be useful, as you can stop zombies on the tile of the Wall-nut. Never use him as your only attacking plant, because he is a tap-to-use plant and the player can easily be distracted by other things like the sun collecting or planting. Multi-touch works with this plant, but on devices with smaller screens it is hard to do this. This plant is especially useful when combined with a boosted sun-producing plant (Sunflower, Twin Sunflower, Toadstool, and Sun-shroom) and Tile Turnip, because when he activates his Plant Food effect with Tile Turnip, he will almost cover the whole lawn annihilating almost all zombies. However, Jack should not be used against Imp Dragon Zombies in Arthur's Challenge, as they are completely immune to Jack's attack and Plant Food effect. Outside it, Jack O' Lantern is good in Dark Ages, due to the absent of Imp Dragon Zombies in normal levels, as well as him being able to bypass tombstones as well as damaging Jester Zombies.

Note that he instantly defrosts frozen zombies, so it is better to use Stunion over Iceberg Lettuce in conjunction with Jack. However, you will not be able to stun robot zombies as they are immune to stunning gas and could be thawed if frozen by Iceberg Lettuce. Use E.M.Peach to stun any robot zombies if they overwhelm your defense.

Jack O' Lantern is a warming plant, making him a good choice for use on Frostbite Caves. However, due to his slow recharge, you may want to add extra sources of warmth for your plants, as well as for general attacking. Putting Jack on the front lines naturally protects your other plants against Hunter Zombie's snowball effect. More importantly, unlike most thawing plants, he will not automatically interfere with ice plants making him more useful.

Jack O' Lantern also does excellent on Glitter Zombies and zombies behind them, as he can defeat them all at the same time.


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  • He is the second plant related to the Lawn of Doom event. The first is Ghost Pepper and the third is Witch Hazel.
    • He is also the only plant related to the Lawn of Doom event to be male.
  • He, Rose Swordsman, Pretty Little Plum, Flame Mushroom, Angel Starfruit, and Match Flower Boxer are the only plants with a sun cost of 225.
    • He is the only plant in the international version that costs 225 sun.
  • His flame jet is similar to Fire Peashooter's Plant Food effect before the Frostbite Caves Part 2 update came out. However, his flame jet is shorter.
  • Along with Fire Peashooter, he is the second plant to have a unique noise when dug up.
  • He, Lava Guava, Banana Launcher, Escape Root, Missile Toe and Bamboo Shoot cannot be planted on mine carts. Trying to plant one will give the player the message, "You can't plant Jack O' Lanterns on rail carts."
  • He, Saucer, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Witch, and Smashing Pumpkin are the only plants based on pumpkins.
  • His flame jet uses the flame tile effect from Lost City.
  • He is the only plant to have an apostrophe in its name.
  • He can damage flying zombies despite attacking by burning the ground.
  • Like Fire Peashooter, his flames are not affected by the water in Pirate Seas and Big Wave Beach.
  • Even after the player defeats the final zombie and the reward drops, he can still be used.
  • When he is stunned by a Boombox Zombie, he glitches out and starts playing his activation and deactivation sounds repeatedly until the power ballad jam is finished.
  • He is the third special-edition plant to cost real money, the first being Sap-fling, the second being Strawburst, the fourth being Blooming Heart, the fifth being Witch Hazel, and the sixth being Parsnip.
  • His abilities may refer to how in real life jack-o'-lanterns include the use a flame, such as a candle, to make them glow from the inside.
  • He is the second premium plant to be manually controlled, the first being Strawburst.
    • Coincidentally, both plants are also special-edition.
  • His idling animation is similar to Peashooter's and Sun Bean's.
  • According to the credits, he is voiced by John Stumme.
  • Sometimes, his flame will not light up correctly. He can still be used the same way, but the player will not know how powerful the flame is.
  • He is very similar to Fire Gourd in the Chinese version of the game.
    • They both have a similar fire mechanic, both use fire as their main source of damage, and both need to recharge after being tapped on for too long.

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