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Yabbers! It's Impfinity! Here's a secret... ALL Heroes have a unique fightin' style! Impfinity likes to send out lots o' small teammates to get the jump on ya!

Crazy Dave

PvZ Heroes logo


Classes PvZH Sneaky IconPvZH Crazy Icon
Signature Superpower Triple Threat
Other Superpowers Super Stench
Brute Strength
He believes good things come in small packages. And in threes.

Impfinity is a zombie hero in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. He is the first enemy the player has to defeat. This hero leads PvZH Sneaky IconSneaky and PvZH Crazy IconCrazy zombies against the plants. His signature superpower is Triple Threat, which summons two 2StrengthPvZH/1HeartPvZH Impfinity Clones that have the Amphibious trait on two random lanes.


His ability to multiply himself is possibly based on either Multiple Man, a superhero from the Marvel Comics universe, or Billy Numerous, a character in the DC Universe. His name is a portmanteau of "Imp," referring to the type of zombie he is, and "infinity," referring to his ability to clone himself an endless number of times.


  • Battle Area: Amusement Park

Hero description

He believes good things come in small packages. And in threes.



Impfinity's class combination of PvZH Sneaky IconSneaky and PvZH Crazy IconCrazy zombies (both of classes are great dishing out damage, but fare very badly after getting hit most of the time). Much like Crazy Dave says when Impfinity is first fought against, it's very obvious that Impfinity's strategy is to swarm the player with large numbers of cheap, hard hitting zombies for a quick knockout. As Impfinity, the player must make sure the opponent is defeated quickly as Impfinity will not fare well late game due to having mostly cards that have to make an impact before they're hit even just once, as cards in Impfinity's grasp that can last are mostly rare and expensive to some degree.

Impfinity has access to teammates with PvZH Deadly IconDeadly, PvZH Anti-Hero IconAnti-Hero and even Amphibious traits (which all have great synergy with each other), which allows him to roll with the aforementioned strategies. This is not mentioning his access to The Chickening, Unlife of the Party, and Cakesplosion, all of which can allow the player to rev up the aggression and swarms Impfinity dearly needs. Imp-Throwing Gargantuar, Walrus Rider and Imp Commander should be reserved for when Impfinity is in a disadvantage of fair size, usually when Impfinity himself is low on heath, or running out of other cards and the match has lasted a while. In addition, Impfinity has access to the most Pirate zombies in the game (only missing Shieldcrusher Viking). So a good idea would be to use a Pirate deck for Impfinity. Although, pirate decks are usually reliant on cards such as Swashbuckler Zombie and Imp Commander, which can be very difficult to take care and protect throughout the match.

Impfinity can also run a mean Gravestone deck if performed correctly. His access to Crazy zombies such as Newspaper Zombie, Jester, and Exploding Imp, are all great zombies to be buffed with Headstone Carver. In-Crypted is also in Impfinity's superpower pool, which can be used to the player's advantage. If late game gets to occur, Gargantuars' Feast and Zombot Sharktronic Sub can be good options to wipe your opponent out. Using Gravestones also allow you to get the jump on your opponent - most players will expect an Imp-spam deck from Impfinity, as that is his specialty, rather than a slower Gravestone deck.


Impfinity is somewhat simple and obvious yet adrenaline-inducing. Amongst the biggest, earliest, and easiest means of giving him a hard time is to use plants and tricks that damage multiple zombies at once in a particular area, or plants with Splash Damage such as Lightning Reed, Snapdragon, and Winter Melon all can sabotage most if not all of Impfinity's glass cannon teammates that are on the lawn, especially if there are two splash effect plants in the perfect two lanes to hit all five lanes at once. Kabloom heroes can also use Sour Grapes to take out some of Impfinity's weak units. Setting up, stalling, blocking attacks and taking advantage of the frailty of most of both Crazy and Sneaky zombies (all of which are tactics that can quickly exhaust all or most of Impfinity's cards) can also guarantee a win against Impfinity if done correctly. However, fighting an Impfinity with a Gravestone deck is a whole different story. He can easily destroy weak plants with Conga Zombie, try and abuse Newspaper Zombie by moving it around and using Headstone Carver with it, and use other tanks or glass cannons. Impfinity also has a lot of Gravestone zombies that cost 2 or 3 brains, so it can be unpredictable to what zombie will appear out of a Gravestone. His assortment of Gravestone zombies is very unpredictable, rivaling Neptuna's Gravestone Zombies. For example, on turn 3, Impfinity can use either a Jester, Stealthy Imp, Exploding Imp, Smelly Zombie, Abracadaver, or Line Dancing Zombie, all of which are either useless with a plant in its lane or useful with a plant in its lane. In short, Impfinity can be real threatening if the player does not catch onto their strategy. In these cases, it's best to be careful what you place, defeat all of his zombies quickly, and try and exhaust all of his cards, as in the late game, Gravestone decks start to fall apart if cards are not abundant.


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  • If Impfinity finishes the game hitting with an attack that is 4 or above, he will do his normal pose and when the view is zoomed in to the plant hero getting defeated, part of his face can be seen.
  • During one of his idle animations, he kicks his leg when he scratches, like a dog - similarly to Chomper in Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • He not only has the most imp cards, he also has the most pirate cards.
  • Impfinity has a unique battle music in a carnival-esque style.
  • He is one of the 2 zombie heroes that is an imp, the other being Z-Mech.
  • Coincidentally, both of them lead the Crazy Class.
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