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Immortal Immortal
Survive 20 waves of pure zombie ferocity.

Difficulty: Somewhat hard


Immortal is an achievement that can be unlocked on the PC version of Plants vs. Zombies. It requires the player to survive 20 waves of Survival: Endless. Once the player has survived 20 waves of Survival: Endless and selected their plants for the next wave, the player will then have the achievement completed. It would not be awarded until he or she begins the next wave.


For strategies, see Survival: Endless/Strategies.

Almost every properly designed setup can make it through 20 flags of Survival: Endless, as the waves only start to become really huge when the player reaches 30 flags or more, especially after 32 flags.


  • The icon is a flag with the number 20 on the top left corner, representing the 20 waves.
  • It can also be earned by accessing and surviving for 20 waves in other Survival: Endless games on the Limbo Page.
  • It is an easier version of Alive and Planting, as the player does not have to survive that long in Survival: Endless.

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