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Zombie boss iceball


Iceball is a giant sphere of ice released from Dr. Zomboss's Zombot in Level 5-10, Dr. Zomboss's Revenge, and Air Raid. In the Roof battles, it crushes plants in a single lane, and damages the Flower Pot plane in Air Raid.


During the Roof battle, the Zombot will move its head down to pick a lane on which to place the projectile. If the Zombot's eyes turn blue, it will shoot an iceball. After a few seconds, the iceball will roll down the lane and crush every plant it touches until it is destroyed or it rolls off the end of the lane; it will also destroy any Roof Cleaners in the lane. It can be destroyed when it is hitten by the fire from Jalapenos.

In Air Raid, they can also be made by the Zombot. They bounce across the screen until they are destroyed by Gatling Pea. They are immune to Jalapenos, and contain Pumpkins or Threepeaters.


See Dr. Zomboss for more strategies.

During the fight with Dr. Zomboss, you can ignore this iceball as a threat, because it will not harm your brain. However, you will lose all your defenses on that row, even your Roof Cleaners will get flattened. The iceball is technically harder to destroy than a fireball because the player has to plant the Jalapeno in the same lane and it is more tempting to use than an Ice-shroom to help clear out zombies.


  • The iceball in the Nintendo DS mini-game Air Raid has an iceball that looks more like a bubble than a normal iceball released from the Zombot's mouth.
  • The iceball and the fireball are the only things in the game that can destroy Roof Cleaners without triggering them.

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