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This article is about something that is no longer available. Therefore, it is archived.
Not to be confused with Blockhead Zombie, a zombie from Plants vs. Zombies 2.
Ice Block ZombieA
Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

Ice Block Zombie

Ice Block ZombieA
He's pretty cold right now
Toughness High (ice block), normal (zombie)
First seen Frostbite Falls Level 1
Weakness Flaming PeaA
Cost of neighbor attack 4000 coins
Training cost 2000 coins
Training time 8 minutes
The story how he was frozen along with a fish is completely bogus. Lies from beginning to end.

Ice Block Zombie was a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. He is introduced in Frostbite Falls Level 1. An Ice Block Zombie deals great damage to the player's plants when frozen. Flaming Pea's projectile will destroy his ice block instantly. Ice Block Zombies cannot be slowed down by Snow Peas, unless the ice block has been destroyed.


Ice Block Zombie looks like he worked at a fish market, judging by his outfit. This, coupled with the fact that fish are stored in cold places, implies that he got locked in a freezer and froze to death. It would also explain the fish he has frozen in the ice block with him.

Facebook description

The story how he was frozen along with a fish is completely bogus. Lies from beginning to end.


Ice Block Zombie absorbs 48 damage shots. He absorbs 40 damage shots, after that his ice block breaks. At 44 damage shots, he will lose one arm before being defeated at 48. One shot of the Flaming Pea will instantly break the ice block, making him easier to defeat. When he is in his ice block, he eats plants very fast.



The easiest way to deal with one of these is to use Flaming Peas, as one shot takes away 40 hits and makes him easy to attack. If there are no Flaming Peas on play, you do not want to let him get near your Wall-nuts (if any). He will destroy your defenses. The best way to attack one is to freeze it and not let him get near your plants. When most zombies are taken care of, let him come into your attack area and freeze him. He should soon be defeated. It is definitely not advised to go into battle without Flaming Pea when one of these is around.

In Brainball, using a wave of Ice Block Zombies is best advised if he is the highest zombie type you have. If the town defenses do not include any Flaming Peas, Ice Block Zombies will get past all Wall-nuts and it is really hard for the latest attacking plant to kill them. If Flaming Peas are present, let the DJ Zom-Bs and Football Zombies try and get ahead, Flaming Peas should attack them and not the Ice Block Zombies. Let them attack those two zombies until they get to a Wall-nut, just one of these should eat him whole in 7 seconds. If there are no more DJ Zom-Bs and Football Zombies, try to freeze Flaming Peas only, ignore other Beets and Snow Peas. They should be able to withstand Beets. If there are no more Wall-nuts, it is advised to speed up a Football Zombie (if any) into your target. When spawned in a wave of Weightlifter Zombies, if no more Weightlifter Zombies are present, these guys should withstand against Shamrocks well, but not too good against Bamboo Shoots. You should spawn lots of these in a wave so that they can get past a Wall-nut together.



  • In the beta releases of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, he was named 'Frozen Zombie'.
  • When hit by a Flaming Pea's projectile, the ice block does not melt but instead it breaks in half.
    • This implies that the Flaming Pea's projectile is fired with a force so strong that it breaks the ice, rather than the projectile being so hot that it melted the ice.
  • If he has been frozen in place by ZombiFreeze or a Zombie Zapper and the ice block breaks, he will walk in place. He shares this trait with Rocket Zombie and Barrel Zombie.
  • When the ice block is destroyed by the Flaming Pea, he will jump. He shares this trait with the Barrel Zombie.
    • Also like the Barrel Zombie, his shield can be destroyed by the Flaming Pea in one hit.
  • Ice Block Zombie is the only zombie whose health is just enough to get killed in one instant.
    • However, he is completely immune to the Chilly Pepper when in he is in his ice block.
  • He is the fastest eater in the entire game (excluding Weightlifter Zombie's Barbell), eating at around three to four times the speed of a normal zombie (two bites for a normal plant).
    • However, he can eat plants even faster when his mouth is completely frozen over.
  • He is similar to Blockhead Zombie from Plants vs. Zombies 2, as their health is equivalent to an instant-kill and they are protected by an ice block. However, Blockhead Zombie's ice block only serves as headwear, akin to DJ Zom-B and Knight Zombie, and is not particularly vulnerable to fire plants.
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