HD Imp Worker Wrench
They can be tough nuts to crack.
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This hack might add new zombies to I, Zombie levels, although it appears that the game is programmed differently on a Mac than on a Windows computer.

Please add more observations. The Mac version is very different from the PC version.

Plants Zombies
Peashooter Game crashes
Sunflower Floating Imp-like Marigold Sprout (Further experiments show that it has 10 HP)
Cherry Bomb Invisible Zombie that causes sod roll effect
Wall-nut Same as Sunflower
Potato Mine Invisible Zombot
Snow Pea Game crashes
Chomper Same as Cherry Bomb
Repeater Same as Cherry Bomb
Puff-shroom Zombie
Sun-shroom Same as Potato Mine
Fume-shroom Floating Imp-like sprouting Zombie head (10 HP)
Grave Buster Same as Fume-shroom
Hypno-shroom Same as Fume-shroom
Scaredy-shroom Same as Potato Mine
Ice-shroom Same as Fume-shroom
Doom-shroom Game crashes
Lily Pad Same as Potato Mine
Squash Same as Fume-shroom
Threepeater Game crashes
Tangle Kelp Same as Fume-shroom
Jalapeno Game crashes
Spikeweed Game crashes
Torchwood Invisible Zombie, causes crash
Tall-nut Game crashes
Sea-shroom Zombie
Plantern Same as Potato Mine
Cactus Game crashes
Blover Game crashes
Split Pea Game crashes
Starfruit Game crashes
Pumpkin Game crashes
Magnet-shroom Game crashes
Cabbage-pult Game crashes
Flower Pot Same as Potato Mine
Kernel-pult Invisible Zombie
Coffee Bean Same as Fume-shroom
Garlic Same as Sunflower
Umbrella Leaf Invisible Zombie
Marigold Sprout of Marigold floating in the air
Melon-pult Game crashes
Gloom-shroom Currently untested
Gatling Pea Same as Cherry Bomb
Twin Sunflower Same as Cherry Bomb
Cattail Currently untested
Winter Melon Currently untested
Gold Magnet Currently untested
Spikerock Currently untested
Cob Cannon Currently untested
Imitater Currently untested
Explode-o-nut Currently cannot be tested
Giant Wall-nut Currently cannot be tested