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9 Trphies I, Win
Win all 9 I, Zombie trophies.
9 Trphies

Difficulty: Medium

I, Win is an achievement that can be unlocked in the iOS and Android versions of Plants vs. Zombies. It is worth 15 points on Game Center. In order to unlock this achievement, the player must beat all nine regular I, Zombie levels.


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You must do some gold farming in Last Stand or the Zen Garden because the pack of I, Zombie levels costs $150,000. Some I, Zombie levels will be harder to beat because of powerful plants like the Magnet-shroom and the replacement of the Zombie with the Imp which is even weaker than a normal zombie in I, Zombie, taking only three normal damage shots. However, Imps in I, Zombie get a speed boost.


  • I, Win icon looks similar to the icon of the iOS version of Better Off Dead achievement.

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