Hot Rod Chomper is a Super Rare variant of the Chomper in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. He is a playable character which acts as a melee class with a secondary ability to speed up for a limited time after eating a zombie. In exchange for less health than most Chompers, he has the fastest movement of them all (not counting Assistant Manager Bitey).


Stickerbook description

The Hot Rod Chomper is the fastest Chomper in Suburbia. Equipped with a heavy duty blower, port-and-polished heads, and a lightweight frame, he can race in on the unsuspecting Zombies.

In-game description

Hot Rod Chomper gets a temporary speed boost every time he eats a Zombie. Cool beans!

AI Health(GW2 only)

Easy: 75

Normal: 100

Hard: 125



Hot Rod Chomper differs from the normal Chomper with his shiny black paint job accented with purple flames, a chrome mouth, and tongue. Upon jumping or chomping, the Hot Rod Chomper makes motor-like noises. His drool appears to be motor oil.

Variant perk

Being Hot Rod Chomper, speed is a definite benefit. Upon swallowing an enemy zombie, the Hot Rod Chomper gains a temporary speed boost of five seconds to help close in the space between him and another enemy zombie. He also quickly recharges the Goop ability to slow down zombies. The only major disadvantage about Hot Rod Chomper is that its health is only 100 (125 if upgraded), instead of the normal 150. Also, zombies can easily spot him because of the constant noises he makes.

Primary weapon

Hot Rod Chomp is the primary weapon of the Hot Rod Chomper. It deals 25 damage. Once a zombie has been eaten, he will gain a speed boost for five seconds.



Goop is Chompers' only "ranged" attack, purple goo is spit out. If an enemy is directly hit, they will take light amounts of damage over time, obtain lower speed (including turning around), and preventing the use of their abilities, making the zombie an easy target to chomp.


Burrow allows the Chomper burrows underground to cover a large distance quickly or to ambush zombies. Can easily be countered by Engineer's Sonic Grenade. While burrowing, the time remaining in burrow mode is displayed in a meter at the bottom of the screen, called Dig Power. Not moving will reduce the rate at which the Dig Power is consumed. The player may remain motionless once activating Burrow for approximately 15 seconds before being forced back to the surface.


Chomper deploys a Spikeweed, which snare zombies that step on it, making it defenseless from its adversaries and hung upside-down (deals 25x2 damage) for a short period of time or until being vanquished. Any zombies using improvised armor will have their armor destroyed by being caught in a Spikeweed, leaving them vulnerable. The Spikeweed can be damaged and destroyed by zombies. The player can have three Spikeweeds.

Super Sticky Goop

An alternate ability of Goop, Super Sticky Goop renders an enemy zombie unable to move, with the same reduced turn speed as normal goop. The downside is that the cool down is twice of the normal goop and its damage is halved.

Sprint Burrow

An alternate ability of Burrow, Sprint Burrow is just like Burrow, but faster and leaves the player underground with a shorter time.

Spiky Spikeweed

An alternate ability of Spikeweed, Spiky Spikeweed does increased damage to zombies caught for a total of 70 damage (35x2 damage). The downside is that only two can be stockpiled at a time, versus the regular three.


An alternate ability of Spikeweed, Vampweed doesn't deal any damage, but it will heal you a total of 40 hp (10x4 hp) and still snaring zombies. Like the Spiky Spikeweed, only 2 can be stockpiled at a time.

Chomp Cannon

An alternate ability of Goop, the Chomp Cannon does not goop zombies, but rather launches a projectile from the Chomper's mouth after a second that deals a great amount of damage if it hits a zombie. This is useful for attacking Zombies on the rooftops.

Weapon upgrades


Description about the Hot Rod Chomper's weapon upgrades

Supercharged Turbo

Movement speed increased due to addition of a supercharged turbo.

Super Combustion Intestines

Digests Zombies in a very Hot-Roddy manner, allowing for faster digestion.

Reinforced Chassis

A reinforced chassis boosts the health of Hot Rod Chomper.



You can use the extra speed to make a quick getaway to a Sunflower, or to quickly chase a player down without the use of Burrow. Try to take advantage of speed such as dodging bullets side to side. However, do not try this while running from an Engineer. The speed also allows you to get almost as fast as Peashooter's Hyper.


Try to use abilities that can help you go faster such as Scientist's Warp, Foot Soldier's Rocket Jump or Rocket Leap, Engineer's Turbo Jackhammer or Jackhammer, or the All-Star's Sprint Tackle or Ultra Tackle. However, Sprint Tackle is not recommendable as the Hot Rod Chomper can possibly live and end up getting knocked back to safety.

Balancing changes

Graveyard Variety Pack DLC

  • Digestion time was decreased after a chomp escape (i.e. victim got away using anti-chomp ability like Jackhammer).
  • Brought Chompers regeneration delay to parity with all other playable characters.

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC

  • Tuned Chomper camera to be closer to that in Garden Warfare.
  • Improved all digestion time upgrade multipliers.


Garden Warfare

Garden Warfare 2


  • He appears in a promotional image as seen above. The "Need for Seed" in the image is a pun for Need for Speed, a racing game developed by Electronic Arts.
    • The origin of the pun was from a fan that wondered what was next for a plant-based pun on June 2013, and PopCap replied that it was a brilliant idea.
  • He is the only plant based on a car, and one of only two based on machines. The other is Future Cactus.
  • He is one of the five Chomper variants whose stem and leaves have different colors. The others being Count Chompula, Armor Chomper, Chester Chomper, and Chomp Thing.
  • His speed boost makes him as fast as a Peashooter using Hyper, making him the fastest plant without using any abilities.
  • His Chomp has a special sound effect similar to Armor Chomper.
  • He is redesigned in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. His appearance is mostly the same except for his mouth. It now has a black chrome color with the teeth not being chrome but white instead.
  • He was given a new movement animation along with Disco Chomper, this animation can be seen when either of these Chompers achieve the condition that makes them move faster than normal. The player can also see this animation done by other Chompers by activating the Speed Boost Craziness option in a private match.
  • After Chomp Thing's health buff in the Trials of Gnomus DLC, he is the only Chomper variant with 125 health.
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