This item is available only during certain events, and cannot always be obtained in-game. However, it can still be used if you have already obtained it. It is currently not available.

Holly Barrier is a premium plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2 that is tied to the 2017 Feastivus event. He acts like an Endurian, damaging zombies that attack him, as well as having the same amount of health as an Endurian. Like Banana Launcher and Missile Toe, he can launch one of his small berries to a selected tile on the lawn when interacted with. The berries will damage and knock back zombies in a 3x3 area one tile. Tombstones hit by this blast will be heavily damaged, while zombies will only be lightly damaged. If the berries land on a tile free of obstacles like tombstones, it will leave a spiky barrier leaf on said tile that acts like an Endurian, but with half its health. Unlike Banana Launcher and Missile Toe, however, the berries don't recharge over time. Similar to Chard Guard’s leaves, though, the player can manually plant a Holly Barrier on top of one to restore his berries if they have Wall-nut First Aid.

The barriers count as plants, and add up to a maximum plant total, can’t be planted on water, but can still be launched at Imp Cannons to deal impact damage.


He is based on both holly, a genus of flowering plants, and a barricade, an object or structure that creates a barrier or obstacle to control, block passage or force the flow of traffic in the desired direction.

His code name, Holly Knight, is a reference to the Christmas carol Silent Night (more specifically, the line "holy night"). It also references how Holly Barrier is both based on holly and is a defensive plant.

Almanac entry

Holly Barrier

RECHARGE: Sluggish

DAMAGE: Normal

SPECIAL: Knockback
SPECIAL: Barrier Strength

Holly Barrier deals damage to zombies attacking him, and can launch 3 prickly barrier leaves to knock back and damage zombies.

Usage: tap to arm, tap on target tile to fire; can fire up to 3 barriers
Special: projectile knocks back, deals damage, leaves barrier on empty tiles

Holly Barrier would like to advise folks not to eat his berries. "It's rude to eat somebody's berries without asking," he says. "In addition, they are highly toxic."


Level upgrades

Level Seed
Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge
Plant Food Power
Melee Berry Plant Food
Strength Health Strength Health
1 0 0 150 15 seconds 30 bites 1 nds 2.5 nds 10 nds 1 nds 15 bites 2 nds 25 bites 0.8 tiles
2 10 1,000 150 15 seconds 32.5 bites 1.5 nds 2.5 nds 10 nds 1.25 nds 15 bites 2.5 nds 25 bites 1 tile
3 25 2,500 150 15 seconds 35 bites 1.5 nds 3.75 nds 15 nds 1.25 nds 17.5 bites 2.5 nds 30 bites 1 tile
4 50 5,000 150 13 seconds 37.4 bites 1.5 nds 3.75 nds 15 nds 1.5 nds 17.5 bites 3 nds 30 bites 1.2 tiles
5 100 10,000 125 13 seconds 40 bites 2 nds 3.75 nds 20 nds 1.5 nds 20 bites 3 nds 32.5 bites 1.2 tiles
6 200 20,000 125 13 seconds 42.5 bites 2 nds 5 nds 20 nds 1.75 nds 20 bites 3.5 nds 32.5 bites 1.2 tiles
7 400 30,000 125 12 seconds 42.5 bites 2 nds 5 nds 25 nds 1.75 nds 25 bites 3.5 nds 40 bites 1.4 tiles
8 800 50,000 125 12 seconds 45 bites 2.5 nds 6.25 nds 30 nds 2 nds 25 bites 4 nds 40 bites 1.4 tiles
9 1,200 75,000 125 10 seconds 47.5 bites 3 nds 7.5 nds 35 nds 2 nds 27.5 bites 4.5 nds 40 bites 1.4 tiles
10 1,600 100,000 100 10 seconds 50 bites 4 nds 8 nds 40 nds 2.5 nds 30 bites 5 nds 50 bites 1.6 tiles

*This shows its damage to zombies attacking him, and the berries' damage after launching and exploding on impact, for both its normal and Plant Food berry, respectively.
^This shows the spiky barrier leaf's damage and toughness, respectively.
†This shows the Plant Food spiky barrier leaf's damage and toughness, respectively.

Plant Food effect

When given Plant Food, Holly Barrier will regain all lost berries, and will launch four berries on random tiles. If they land on a tile without an obstacle, the spiky leaf will have metallic spikes attached to it, making it do more damage to zombies and giving it more health. And finally, it will heal to full health.


Although this plant can target zombies anywhere on the map, do not treat it like a Banana Launcher because it does minuscule amounts of damage and only has three uses (unless you have this plant in front of an Aloe and Holly Barrier is at max level). Instead, use it as you would an Endurian and use it to block zombies. Use the berries to knock back zombies and place a mini Endurian there to slow them down. You can also use Blover in conjunction with the knock back to blow multiple zombies away. In addition, berries that fall on damaged barriers will replace them with ones that have full health, however this will not replace the berries from Holly Barrier's Plant Food ability. It is not a good idea to use this in Big Wave Beach, as the berries will not spawn leaves in the water. Aloe works fairly well with Holly Barrier, as this plant will regain all lost berries upon being healed.




  • He is the second holly-based plant in the series, the first being Jolly Holly.
  • He is the fourth plant that can target a tile, the first is Cob Cannon, the second is Banana Launcher, and the third is Missile Toe.
    • Out of the four, he has the cheapest sun cost, and the only one that can't recharge his projectiles.
  • He is the third premium plant released alongside the Feastivus event, the first and second being Sap-fling and Missile Toe.
  • The barriers cannot be flown over by flying zombies, similar to Tall-nut.
  • His internal name is "hollyknight".
  • Unlike other targeting plants, Holly Barrier can be planted on minecarts. It is unknown if this is a glitch or not.

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