Hole in One is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, it was added in the Zomboss Down DLC Pack. For a player to earn it, the player has to be a zombie whose team successfully pushes the golf bomb into the hole at the end of the track in Cactus Canyon for the final objective.


One way of earning Hole In One is by laying low nearby, as the Engineer or the Foot Soldier without getting near the golf bomb. Then, when the bomb is close to getting in the hole, you use the Jackhammer or the Rocket Jump to get close and help push it the final steps to the hole.

Another way to earn this achievement is to try get as many All-Stars on the team as possible and charge at the golf bomb. But still, to keep safe, do try to vanquish the plants damaging the zombies and avoid Chili Bean Bombs.


  • The name comes from the golf term "Hole in One", where a player gets their ball into the hole in just 1 shot.