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Hidey, as seen in the Backyard Battleground

Hidey is a character in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 who was added in the Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC. It is found in the Backyard Battleground outside the Town Hall, near the Plant base. It is a bush who is the host of the "Hide 'n' Find" side-quest.

Hide 'n' Find

Hide 'n' Find is Hidey's side-quest. The player is able to activate it by talking to Hidey, who is found near the Town Hall. The player must find Hidey's friend (a Plant if the player is a Plant, and a Zombie if the player is a Zombie). The player is given a "Friend Finder" which works similarly to the one in No Delivery, No Problem! The bar will go rightward if the player goes the correct way. Once the friend has been found, it will emerge from the ground, joining the player in fighting the opposing team, as well as rewarding them with coins, money bags and diamonds.


  • "Oh heya! Do you like my hiding spot?"
  • "Hide & Seek is my Favorite Game!"
  • "One of my friends is hiding in a secret spot"
  • "Do you want to go find them?"
  • "Find my Friend!"


  • Hidey's side-quest is one of three side-quests that can be replayed as many times as the player wants. The others are the Boat Blast side-quests for the Plant side and the Zombie side.
  • It is unknown if Hidey is actually a bush, or someone hiding inside the bush.
    • It is assumed that it is someone hiding inside the bush, as if it were a bush, it would be a plant, and hostile to zombies, instead of being neutral to both sides as it is.
      • It is also assumed this because he is called "Hidey", suggesting someone hiding inside of the bush.