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Hero Quests are series of ten quests in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, added in the 1.6.27 update. They give various useful rewards including gems, sparks, new cards and even Premium Packs designed for certain heroes. Each hero has their own unique set of Hero Quests.

In order to do a hero's Hero Quests, the player must complete it while playing with the hero the quest is tied to. For example, to do Green Shadow's quest related to playing Pea plants, the player has to play as Green Shadow to be able to complete the task. Doing the task as any other hero does not count towards the task progress.

To complete a Hero Quest, the player must complete 10 different tasks. The first task always involves playing two of the hero's Superpowers, the fourth task involves crafting a specified Uncommon card, the eighth task involves crafting a specified Rare card, and the final task involves winning 3 Multiplayer matches. The rest of the tasks vary depending on the hero.

The rewards for completing each quest are acquired the same way as normal quests; the player taps on the reward. The 3rd task always gives the player 50 sparks, the 4th will always give them a Premium - Uncommon card. The 7th will always reward the player with 250 sparks, the 8th always gives a Premium - Rare or Premium - Super-Rare card. The 9th's reward is 200 sparks, and the 10th's is always said heroes' Premium pack. Progressing in Hero Quest will also unlock the heroes' Premium packs as hourly offers randomly available in the Store's For You section.

List of Hero Quests

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If my systems f-f-f-freeze up, we could be stuck here forever!
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Captain CombustibleH Captain Combustible
Unleash Captain Combustible's powerful Bonus Attacks!
ChompzillaH Chompzilla
Feed Chompzilla's healthy appetite and crush the Zombie foe!
CitronH Citron
Dive deep into battle with Citron and his Amphibious friends!
Grass KnucklesH Grass Knuckles
Grow a team of heavy hitters with Grass Knuckles!
Green ShadowH Green Shadow
Empower Green Shadow with a posse of Peas!
NightcapH Nightcap
Help Nightcap lead his many mushroom minions against mighty monsters!
RoseH Rose
Help Rose and her cool friends put Zombies on ice.
Solar FlareH Solar Flare
Unleash Solar Flare's flower power and help her Strikethrough to victory!
SpudowH Spudow
Help Spudow halt the Zombie horde with Anti-Hero power!
Wall-KnightH Wall-Knight
Wall-Knight is Nuts about Team-Up. Help him harness the power of two!
Beta-CarrotinaH Beta-Carrotina
Conjure Beta-Carrotina's crew to stop the Zombie invasion!


Brain FreezeH Brain Freeze
Brain Freeze loves Pets! Join forces with this super yeti and find out why.
Electric BoogalooH Electric Boogaloo
Join Electric Boogaloo and dance your way to victory!
ImmorticiaH Immorticia
Immorticia is one wily witch. Help her brew up some winning Tricks!
ImpfinityH Impfinity
Set out with Impfinity and his Impish pals to overpower the Plants.
NeptunaH Neptuna
Neptuna is hiding something from the Plants. Dive in and find out what it could be.
Professor BrainstormH Professor Brainstorm
Learn the Science behind Professor Brainstorm's victories!
RustboltH Rustbolt
Help Rustbolt make his minions mighty and pluck power from those Plant pests!
Super BrainzH Super Brainz
Go up, up, and away with Super Brainz as he puts Plant Heroes in their place!
The SmashH The Smash
Stand tall with The Smash and prove that bigger IS better.
Z-MechH Z-Mech
Z-Mech is ready to unleash his Sports Zombies. Time to bring your Z Game!
Huge-GigantacusH Huge-Gigantacus
Change the Environments to suit Huge-Gigantacus' needs.


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  • If the player already has four of a card that needs to be crafted, viewing the plant/zombie needing to be crafted will award the player the quest complete.
    • This is because the game won't allow the player to craft another one of these cards, so the game just gives the player the quest complete to avoid both the player's confusion and a waste of sparks on a redundant card.
  • There is a glitch where the final step of The Smash's Hero Quest gives a new superpower, "0 Plant Board Clear Cheat 0". Its description says "Destroy all fighters."
    • It is possible this was a debugging card that is still in the code.
  • The reward for completing quest number 7 for several heroes was 240 sparks, which was not enough to craft the required card for the next quest. This was confirmed as a bug.
    • Heroes affected by this bug were Citron, Grass Knuckles, Nightcap, Rose, Captain Combustible, Brain Freeze, Professor Brainstorm, Immorticia, Z-Mech, and Neptuna.
    • This has since been fixed.
  • Even though Pogo Bouncer was changed from Premium - Uncommon to Premium - Rare, Neptuna's 3rd quest still only rewards 50 sparks, which is not enough to craft a Pogo Bouncer.
  • The name of Rose's first Hero Quest is a possible reference to the achievement with a similar name from Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.
  • Chompzilla, Immorticia, and Impfinity's 4th quests are the only Hero Quests that require crafting a trick.
  • On some updates, a few quests are bugged and will not reward the player even if they player has completed the challenge. Examples are Grass Knuckles' "Let's Get This over With" and Chompzilla's "A Strong Finish".
  • As of the 1.14.13 update, due to changes in the rarity of several uncommon cards required for quest number 4, the amount of sparks acquired from completing quest number 3 will be insufficient, thus forcing the player to either finish other heroes' quest series or buy lots of card packs to get excess cards to be recycled.
  • A Tomb Raiser Zombie is on Rustbolt's pack, despite it being in the Sneaky class.
  • Huge-Gigantacus's 4th Hero Quest is the only Hero Quest that requires the player to craft an environment.