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I hope you're ready for a righteously up-tempo experience!

Crazy Dave


Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits
A mic that sings the music of death. It is used to gain access in Greatest Hits.
Location Neon Mixtape Tour
Unlocked Day 20
Excluded plants Zombies
Grave Buster2 E.M.Peach2 Lily Pad2 Tangle Kelp2 Hot Potato2 Gold Leaf2 Perfume-shroom2 Neon Zombie2 Neon Conehead2 Neon Buckethead2 Neon Flag Zombie2 Impunk2 Punk Zombie2 Glitter Zombie2 MC Zom-B2 Breakdancer Zombie2 Arcade Zombie2 Boombox Zombie2 Hair Metal Gargantuar2
Summoned: 8-Bit Zombie2 8-Bit Conehead Zombie2 8-Bit Buckethead Zombie2

On the map


Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits is the eighth Endless Zone in Plants vs. Zombies 2, and Neon Mixtape Tour's Endless Zone. It is unlocked after beating Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 20. Like all Endless Zones, the entire zone itself gets more challenging as you progress, and one may not know when a level will have three or four flags.

In addition, Greatest Hits has a special feature unique to it. There will be at least two jams per level in this Endless Zone. Each jam changes after two or three waves of the zombies, and the first jam will start maximally after three first waves of zombies. However, jams can repeat themselves (i.e. metal runs for two waves, then changes to punk which runs for another two waves). The instant a jam repeats itself it will spawn the zombie that reacts to it, usually in groups. Depending on the specific jam, the amounts of spawned special zombies that reacts to it when it plays will increase greatly. This also means that any special zombie, including Hair Metal Gargantuars, can be the first zombie spawned, provided that there is a jam played when the level starts. Jam-dependent zombies can still spawn when their jams are not playing, but when their jam does play it guarantees that they will spawn.


(Crazy Dave appears)
Crazy Dave: Howdy, neighbor! Welcome to the GREATEST HITS!
Crazy Dave: I hope you're ready for a righteously up-tempo experience!
(Crazy Dave leaves)


This Endless Zone starts with a basic jam that lasts up to two waves before a random jam comes up. The subsequent jams last up to three waves before it changes again. Use powerful plants such as Winter Melon, Coconut Cannon and Strawburst to kill zombies quickly before their jam pops up. Even if their jam pops up before you kill them, these powerful plants can help mitigate the damage done. Due to the generally low health of zombies have here, Laser Bean is also a good pickup. Infi-nut should be an extremely high priority pickup, since even after the Hair Metal Gargantuars destroy the hologram, their base will still remain, allowing Infi-nut to tank an infinite amount of ranged attacks. Just don't let the Gargantuars get too close to the Infi-nuts, as a melee attack will still destroy them. Magnet-shroom is also a good pickup, especially in negating Punk Zombies presence as the level progresses.

Hair Metal Gargantuars, Breakdancer Zombies, MC Zom-Bs, Glitter Zombies, Arcade Zombies, and Punk Zombies are all very dangerous in this Endless Zone, especially if they are all present in a particular level. They can easily be very problematic and wreak havoc, especially if the music suddenly shifts into metal, allowing Hair Metal Gargantuars to trim all but the toughest plants in one slam of their guitars.

This can be the most dangerous of all the Endless Zones solely because of the fact that Hair Metal Gargantuars, along with their ranged attacks can and will be difficult to defeat, and will stack with more Gargantuars to the point where it becomes almost impossible to defend. In addition, Hair Metal Gargantuars can spawn earlier than other Endless Zones, usually appearing in groups of 2-4, sometimes after the first couple of zombies have been defeated, which can be very difficult to defend against.

Strategy by Pryp'yatMineralGamer

 (Contains premium content)

  • Required plants: Lava Guava2 Sun-shroom2* Bonk Choy2 Winter Melon2* Hurrikale2
  • Note: An * means this plant is essential for the setup.

The strategy is simple. If Hair Metal Gargantuars appear, go to the Zen Garden and back until there are none of them. Aim on getting four Plant Food (or five if you have the money-bought Plant Food Bonus upgrade) by the final flag to feed the Sun-shrooms at the beginning of the next level. Plant your Winter Melon when you get enough sun. Through the level, get more sun to plant more Winter Melons. For early zombies, plant a Bonk Choy.

Strategy by 2

 (Contains premium content)

  • Required plants: Sun-shroom2 Winter Melon2 Banana Launcher2 Infi-nut2 Hurrikale2 Imitater2 (for Hurrikale) Sweet Potato2 Power Lily2
  • Position of the plants:
Sun-shroom2 Banana Launcher2 Banana Launcher2 Infi-nut2 Infi-nut2
Sun-shroom2 Winter Melon2 Sweet Potato2 Infi-nut2 Infi-nut2
Sun-shroom2 Banana Launcher2 Banana Launcher2 Infi-nut2 Infi-nut2
Sun-shroom2 Winter Melon2 Sweet Potato2 Infi-nut2 Infi-nut2
Sun-shroom2 Banana Launcher2 Banana Launcher2 Infi-nut2 Infi-nut2
    • Plant Sun-shrooms and feed enough Plant Food on them to boost your sun.
    • Plant two Winter Melons like the position above, then two Sweet Potatoes.
    • If the early zombies are Hair Metal Gargantuars, immediately plant Infi-nut to stop his shockwave attack. Although Infi-nut is temporarily dead, it can still take all damage from the shockwaves, even if there are more than 10 shockwaves, protecting your plants behind.
    • Keep planting Banana Launchers and Infi-nuts.
    • Keep using Hurrikales to stop the instant-kill zombies, especially Hair Metal Gargantuars.


  • The main weakness of all special zombies in Neon Mixtape Tour is that they have very low health. Therefore, Winter Melons can take out all zombies easily. With the help of Banana Launcher and slow effect, there is absolutely no problem that destroys your defense.
  • Infi-nut is the greatest choice to stop Hair Metal Gargantuars, as when it is temporarily dead, it is immune to shockwave. Therefore, in dead form, it can take all shockwave attacks without being defeated completely.
  • Sweet Potato and Hurrikale combo are effective to stop Impunks and Hair Metal Gargantuars, especially in higher levels. However, try to act quickly and on time, or they will easily destroy your defense.

Strategy by SunShroom

 (Contains premium content)

  • Required plants:Power Lily2 + Imitater2 Sun-shroom2 Winter Melon2 Ghost Pepper2 Tile Turnip2 Hurrikale2 Infi-nut2 (absorbs Gargantuar's sonic blast)
  • Position of the plants:
Winter Melon2 Winter Melon2 Sun-shroom2* Winter Melon2 Infi-nut2
Winter Melon2 Winter Melon2 Sun-shroom2* Winter Melon2 Infi-nut2
Winter Melon2 Winter Melon2 Sun-shroom2* Winter Melon2 Infi-nut2
Winter Melon2 Winter Melon2 Sun-shroom2* Winter Melon2 Infi-nut2
Winter Melon2 Winter Melon2 Infi-nut2 Winter Melon2 Infi-nut2

Note: * means that there is a Power Tile on that tile created by Tile Turnip.


Start by planting a Sun-shrooms and a Tile Turnip. Stall the first zombie for as long as possible then kill it with Ghost Pepper. Plant the second Tile Turnip, use Plant Food, then plant the third one. After you have three Tile Turnips, start planting Winter Melons, but focus more on the Infi-nuts just in case of a early metal jam. Once you have a column of Winter Melons, plant the fourth Tile Turnip. Stall Hair Metal Gargantuars and other zombies with Ghost Pepper and Hurrikale. Use Plant Food on the Infi-nut in the third column to deal with Imps. Once you have three rows of Winter Melons, you have basically won, and just use Ghost Pepper and Hurrikale to deal with any Hair Metal Gargantuar that gets too close.

Strategy by Coollittlepeashooter  (Contains premium content)

Plants: Primal Sunflower2 Winter Melon2 Infi-nut2 Melon-pult2 Grapeshot2 Power Lily2 Imitater2 Thyme Warp2

  • Plant two columns of Primal Sunflowers on first and third columns (place an Infi-nut in the middle of column 3)
  • Start placing Infi-nuts on fifth column to protect your plants from Gargantuars.
  • Place Winter Melons on second column, and Melon-pults on fourth column.
  • Use Plant Food on the Infi-nut on third column.
  • If things get bad, use Thyme Warp or Grapeshot.


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Greatest Hits2


  • When jams play, record scratches can sometimes be heard in the background, creating the impression that the jam is starting over, even though it does not do so. This is because of Greatest Hits's random jam order.
  • The Travel Log calls it "80's Danger Room," which is its internal name (eighties_dangerroom).
  • Before the 4.2 update, Thyme Warp could not be obtained in Greatest Hits.
  • The Hair Metal Gargantuar is encountered more often here than other Gargantuar variants are in the other Endless Zones. This is because of the jam mechanic.

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