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HD Imp Worker Wrench
They can be tough nuts to crack.
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Gravity Grenade is the second ability for the Imp in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. When used, the Imp will throw a grenade which creates a gravitational field that pulls all nearby plants and holds them in mid-air for a certain amount of time.

Gravity Grenade in action

Stickerbook description

This trusty little gadget creates a rift in space-time, pulling all plants towards its center.



Use it like a Sonic Grenade to stun plants. Any plant caught in the ability can still shoot at you in the air, so be careful. Move around constantly as it would make yourself a harder target to hit.

It can be used as a way to group up split-up plants, so your team can finish them off easily.

Another good idea would be to aim it toward the ground as you activate Explosive Escape. This will gather any nearby plants to be in the radius of the explosion, possibly scoring the player several vanquishes.


If you see an Imp group up plants using this ability, take advantage of the situation and deal as much damage as possible. Characters with splash damage or electric damage will benefit greatly from the cluster of plants, and explosive area of effect abilities such as the Super Ultra Ball or Imp Punt will be very effective for vanquishing the whole group.


If you get caught in the Gravity Grenade, don't panic. You can still shoot while you are caught, however, you will need a good aim to take out the Imp before it takes out you unless you're any Chomper variant except for Yeti Chomper or a Citron variant in Ball form. It is also ineffective if the Imp is taken down while you are trapped, so having teammates nearby to save you from the Imp's wrath is ideal.


  • Sometimes, the Imp will say "Boom!" in a cheerful manner after a few seconds of the ability's activation.
  • Its name is an example of alliteration. 

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