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The content and images in this article do exist in the code of the game, but are unused, and thus, not accessible by normal means.

Grave Danger is one of the 17 canceled mini-games, which can only be accessed in the Limbo Page by using Cheat Engine. In this mini-game, graves can appear at any time in the level. During the first flag, zombies will emerge from some graves.

Unlocking method

Main article: Limbo Page

In order to play this level and other canceled mini-games, the player must gain access to Limbo Page.


This level will be difficult to beat if the player did not purchase the Imitater because the graves spawn so often that the player has to constantly use Grave Busters. Bringing its Imitater version will make the level much easier. Also, if the player survives the two flags with many graves remaining, it will be difficult to kill all the spawned zombies, so it is recommended to get rid of the graves fast. The player should remember to watch his or her sun, but it may be easier if he or she were using Sunflowers or Sun-shrooms. The player can use Twin Sunflowers, but he or she does have to upgrade them. The player can use the Doom-shroom if there are too many zombies. When zombies appear from the graves, Ice-shroom can be particularly useful.



†: That mini-game is not shown in Limbo page.
*: That mini-game is playable without needing to access the Limbo Page.