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Gotchaachievement Gotcha!
Find a Gargantuar in its vase using a Plantern in a game of Vasebreaker.

Difficulty: Easy


Gotcha! is an achievement that can be obtained on the iOS and Android versions of Plants vs. Zombies. To get this achievement, the player must use the single Plantern in Ace of Vase or Vasebreaker Endless to reveal a vase with a Gargantuar inside.

IMG 1997

Gotcha! achievement earned


It is mostly based on luck, but if you find a Plantern, use it in the center of eight vases, so there will be a higher chance of finding the Gargantuar. If you want to, you can restart if you did not find it. Doing this each time will increase the probability of getting Plantern.


  • The Imp on the Gargantuar vase in the achievement's icon appears to be naked.
  • The Gargantuar vase on this achievement's icon is similar to the unused vase with a zombie face, or the purple vase that always contains a Vase Gargantuar from Plants vs. Zombies 2.
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