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Gong Zombie (铜锣僵尸; pinyin: tóngluó jiāngshī) is a zombie in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. He is encountered in Kongfu World - Day 8. He summons Blew Zombies when he bangs his gong. When he does so, one to four Blew Zombies will spawn on the lawn. After losing his arm, the Gong Zombie cannot summon Blew Zombies.

Almanac entry

功夫铜锣僵尸 (Gong Zombie)

SPEED: Hungry



    In English:

    Summons Blew Zombies while banging his gong.

    Gong Zombie is originally the cousin of Blew Zombie. However, the difference is, Gong Zombie is more interested in musical instruments.



  • Unlike Disco-tron 3000 or Dancing Zombie, he cannot summon Blew Zombies when hypnotized.
  • His walking animation is the same as a Pirate Zombie.
    • Many Kongfu World zombies share this trait.
  • He is similar to Dancing Zombie.
    • A difference is that the Blew Zombies summoned blow up the plants rather than Backup Dancers which act like normal zombies.
  • Because his gong is made of copper, a type of non-magnetic metal, Magnet-shroom cannot steal it.
  • While shrunk, he summons normal-sized Blew Zombies instead of shrunken Blew Zombies.

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