Golf Star is a Rare variant of an All-Star in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. He was added in the Legends of the Lawn DLC.


Stickerbook description

The Golf Star showed promise from an early age. Unfortunately, his habit of destroying finely manicured lawns got him booted off the PVGA tour for good.

In-game description

Utilize the Golf Cannon's super-fast rate of fire, extended zoom and impeccable accuracy!

AI Health

Easy: 120

Normal: 160

Hard: 200


Primary weapon

Golf Star's primary weapon is the Golf Cannon which has the highest firing rate out of any weapon (20 shots per second compared to the Hockey Star's 15 shots per second) and can zoom the furthest out of all other All-Stars. It deals 5 impact damage and 6 critical damage at short range; whereas it deals 3 damage for both critical and non-critical hits at long range.


Imp Punt

With Imp Punt, the All-Star punts an Imp that rolls forward and explodes after a short time, dealing 150 damage to plants within its blast radius.

Sprint Tackle

With the Sprint Tackle, the All-Star rushes forward, dealing 75 damage and knocks plants into the sky. This can serve as a short-ranged attack.

Dummy Shield

Dummy Shield is a shield that the All-Star places to protect himself.

Long Bomb

An alternate ability of Imp Punt, Long Bomb allows the All-Star kicks an Imp up very high, which explodes when he lands and deals 150 damage.

Ultra Tackle

An alternate ability of Sprint Tackle, Ultra Tackle does 90 damage but has a longer recharge time.

Shield Decoy

An alternate ability of Dummy Shield, the player can have four Shield Decoys, but it is weaker.

Future Dummy

An alternate ability of Dummy Shield, the player can have only one Future Dummy at a time, however it is stronger than the regular Dummy Shield. When the Future Dummy is destroyed, it explodes (dealing up to 75 damage to nearby any Plants).

Weapon upgrades


Description about the Golf Star's weapon upgrades

19th Hole

An extra hole helps him to cool off faster after overheating.

More Dimples

Extra dimples help you to shoot for longer without overheating.

Antique Clubs

These legendary, antique club heads allow you to hit each shot harder, resulting in increased damage.


The two main perks of the Golf Star is his extremely fast rate of fire at 20 shots per second and his ability to zoom in further than all other variants, making this variant good for more long-range support-oriented tasks. The Golf Star, however, has a rather annoying downside. When firing the Golf Cannon, the player's screen will start shaking mildly but rapidly, enough to make long-range precision shooting challenging, with close-range fighting harder as well, since it may be hard to stay focused on your target with your view constantly shaking frantically.



  • The PVGA in his description is a parody of the PGA, or the Professional Golfers Association.
    • The "19th Hole" upgrade is also a reference to popular term "18th Hole" used in golfing, used to refer to the last course of the game.
  • Before his weapon starts shooting, Golf Star yells out "Fore!", a golf term meaning a warning from oncoming golf balls.
  • He, Tennis Star and Wrestling Star are the only All-Star variants that do not have a number on their back.
  • His rate of fire is so fast (at 20 shots per second) that it becomes noticeably slower when he is gooped. Other All-Star variants fire slow enough to make this difference unnoticeable.