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I suggest that we try planting on the Gold Tiles we find here, they should continuously generate sun as long as they have plants on them.

Penny, talking about Gold Tiles in Lost City - Day 1.

Goldtile in Jungle

Gold Tiles are environment modifiers in Lost City and Modern Day in Plants vs. Zombies 2 that serve as a pure beneficial factors for both the player and the zombies. The amount of certain numbers are given initially on each level of the aforementioned world. The player can create another gold tile by using Gold Leaves.

For players, if plants are placed on them for the first time, the player will receive a normal sun, and then the tile will give normal sun every 20 seconds if the corresponding plant is still on that place. If a plant planted on a Gold Tile has been dug up, destroyed by the zombies, or moved from its current position, planting a new plant on it will continue generating sun after a certain amount of time.

For zombies, an Imp Porter is selected as the representative that manipulates Gold Tiles. In its case, Gold Tiles serve as station for him to deploy Basic, Conehead, and Buckethead variants of Adventurer Zombies by deploying its backpack into a tent.


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Goldtile in Jungle
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Goldtile in Jungle


  • An activated Gold Tile is brighter in color than an unactivated one.
  • They bear a close resemblance and act similarly to the Power Tiles in Kongfu World.
  • They have a Sunflower design carved into them, although it does have differences.
    • Having a Sunflower design resembles how Sunflowers produce normal sun (i.e. 50 sun).
  • It and trap tiles have the same indentations and overall shape. This suggests that they are related.
    • Furthermore, they are both encountered in Lost City.
  • They can still generate sun if the plants on them are turned into sheep or bound by octopi.

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