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For the version in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, see Giga Gargantuar. For other uses, see Gargantuar (disambiguation).
Plants vs. Zombies


A double health Gargantuar
Almanac statistics
In-game statistics
Absorbs 300, infinite (FREE version) normal damage shots
Special Crushes plants, throws Imp
Seen Endless levels
Only appears in Survival: Endless levels, Co-op Endless and Last Stand Endless on iPad

Giga-gargantuar is the second strongest zombie in Plants vs. Zombies (only Dr. Zomboss is stronger). It is a Gargantuar with red eyes that is only seen in Survival: Endless, Survival: Day (Endless), Survival: Night (Endless), Survival: Fog (Endless), Survival: Roof (Endless), Co-op Endless, and Last Stand Endless (iPad only).


The Giga-gargantuar absorbs 300 normal damage shots and its appearance changes upon absorbing 100 and 200 normal damage shots before dying at 300 normal damage shots or four instant kills. The Giga-gargantuar throws its Imp after 150 normal damage shots or two instant kills.


It has double health of a regular Gargantuar, allowing it to absorb 300 normal damage shots or four instant kills. The Cob Cannon is a good plant to have in the your arsenal. You just need to remember that you need to use Kernel-pults in order to use Cob Cannons. It is also a good idea to pack extra instant kills such as Squashes, Jalapenos, and Cherry Bombs. After two instant kills or 150 normal damage shots, it will hurl an Imp into the your defenses, unless it is already halfway into your lawn. You should try to pack in as much instant kills as they can such as the Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno, Cob Cannon, Squash, and Doom-shroom with a Coffee Bean. Sometimes, a Giga-gargantuar will appear before a normal Gargantuar appears. Another useful strategy, although unconventional, is to use Puff-shroom, Imitater Puff-shroom and Winter Melons. By placing a Puff-shroom in front of a slowed Giga-gargantuar, and immediately placing an Imitater Puff-shroom once the previous one is destroyed, the Giga-gargantuar will be unable to move at all - or at least move incredibly slowly. This strategy is great because although it does no damage to the Giga-gargantuar by itself, it leaves plenty of time for your other plants to take it down, for zero cost. Thus it is best employed when you have achieved an optimal/self-sustaining team layout where you no longer need to add anything to your team. This also works against regular Gargantuar, though it is not as dangerous as this zombie.



  • If the Giga-gargantuar is killed by an explosive, its eyes will become white instead of red.
  • Giga-gargantuar, Gargantuar, Giga-Football Zombie, Tall-nut Zombie, and Dr. Zomboss are the only zombies that can survive an instant kill.
  • The Giga-gargantuar, the Gargantuar, the Bungee Zombie, the Balloon Zombie above the pool, the Zomboni, the Catapult Zombie, the Catapult Baseball Zombie, Dr. Zomboss, and ZomBotany zombies are the only zombies whose heads do not fall off when killed or defeated.
  • The Giga-gargantuar, the Zomboni, Dr. Zomboss, the Gargantuar, the Catapult Zombie and the Squash Zombie are the only zombies that can crush plants.
  • The Giga-gargantuar, Gargantuar, Zomboni, Backup Dancer, Imp, and Dr. Zomboss are the only Plants vs. Zombies zombies that do not have the word "zombie" in their names.
  • It is unknown why there are Giga-gargantuars, but the Imps which are thrown by them are not a giga variant.
  • Giga-Football Zombie and this zombie are the only "Giga" zombies in Plants vs. Zombies.
    • Both of them do not have Almanac entries.
  • It is unknown why it is called the Giga-gargantuar, because in mathematics giga means "multiplied by one billion" and it only has double the health of a regular Gargantuar.
    • This also applies to Giga-Football Zombie.
  • It is the only zombie which is exclusive to the endless modes, excluding Vasebreaker Endless and I, Zombie Endless.
  • There is a glitch on Plants vs. Zombies FREE, in which it has infinite health, and only a Lawn Mower can defeat it.
  • If the player manages to hack the game to show its almanac entry, there will be no description of it, since the description doesn't even exist in LawnStrings.txt and the player wasn't supposed to be able to see it in the almanac.

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