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The Giant Nemesis' is a type of plant or zombie that will appear in Infinity Time in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. There are six types of Giant Nemesis'.

List of Nemesis'


  • Mass Pea
    • Launches electrical peas at the Mecha Cat
    • Can turn into a Pea Gatling, which is more powerful than the standard version.
  • Citron Overload
    • Shoots a powerful cannon shot to the Mecha Cat
  • Giant Stalk
    • Uses Shuck Shots against the Mecha Cat


  • Ultra Commander
    • Shoots damaging rockets to the Junkasaurus
  • Giga Imp
    • Rapid fires flaming projectiles at the Junkasaurus
  • Cozmic Mayhem
    • Runs fast and launches three very damaging Super Ultra Balls onto the Junkasaurus

Each of them can summon 3 smaller versions of their variant to attack the Infinite Robot.

They are summoned by Gnome Kings except for the Blue Gnome King:

In multiplayer, the Gnome Kings may spawn 2 versions of the same Giant Nemesis or have a combination of 2 to make it harder for the team to progress (Example: Yellow Gnome King may summon Ultra Commander and Giga Imp at the same time).



  • Interestingly, these plants and zombies are stronger than the plant and zombies bosses. These could possibly be in Infinity Time to take their places, yet the regular bosses still appear in Infinity Time.
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