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This article is about a recently released or soft-released part of a Plants vs. Zombies game. As such, spoilers may be revealed. Read at your own risk!
For other uses, see Diamond (disambiguation).

Gems are currency found in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and the primary currency of this game, used to buy most of the packs at the store.

How to earn gems

There are three ways to win gems:

  • The first one is spending real money. There are various gem packs each offering a different gem value. The more money a pack costs, the better gem per money spent ratio. To see the gem packs available to buy see the store page.
  • The second one is via the Quests system. Every four hours, a new quest appears with values of 10 Diamond1to 100 Diamond1. Once the quest is completed the player is rewarded with those gems.
  • The third one is via leveling up in the Ranked Matches. The higher the league, the higher the gems that the player receive. On the lowest league, 20 Diamond1 are rewarded. Also, when the player changes leagues, an extraordinary amount of gems is awarded, ten times bigger than the reward for leveling up. For example, when the player passes from the Wooden League to the Bronze League, 200 Diamond1 are rewarded.

How to spend gems

Gems are only used at the store to buy packs. There are various offers in which the player can spend his gems on. The packs that does not reward with specific cards are the most cheap, costing around 100 Diamond1 per pack. Normally in these cases there is also a Multi-Pack option for 1,000 Diamond1 that offers a free pack and a guaranteed Super-Rare. Then there is the packs that offers specific cards, which cost around 290 Diamond1 each. And finally the most expensive are the packs that offers an specific hero, costing around 699 Diamond1 each. The player can also buy Basic Packs for 50Diamond1. However, Basic Packs can also be purchased with PvZH Hero Coin Icon.


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