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Gems are currency found in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and the primary currency of this game, used to buy almost all of the packs at the store. Take note that an internet connection is required when you are spending gems for packs.

How to earn gems

There are four ways to earn gems:

  • The first one is by spending real money. There are various gem packs each offering a different gem value. The more money a pack costs, the better gem per money spent ratio. To see the gem packs available to buy see the store page.
  • The second one is via the Quests system. Every three hours, a new quest appears with values from 10Diamond1 to 100Diamond1. Once the quest is completed the player is rewarded with those gems. However, be sure that you have internet connection in order to get new quests. Up to three quests can be active at one time before new ones are added.
  • The third one is via leveling up in the Ranked Matches. The higher the league, the higher the gems that the player received. On the lowest league, 20Diamond1 are rewarded each time you level up. Also, when the player changes leagues, an extraordinary amount of gems is awarded, ten times bigger than the reward for leveling up. For example, when the player passes from the Wooden League to the Bronze League, 200Diamond1 are rewarded. Like the quest system, you need an internet connection to play ranked matches.
    Gem Ad

    The reward for watching an advertisement

  • The fourth way is to watch advertisements which will reward 5Diamond1 for each advertisement watched. The player can watch up to 20 advertisements per day, resulting in up to 100Diamond1 daily.
    • Previously, it was 10Diamond1 for each ad, but if the player still has an older version, they can get 10 for each, then update to the new version, possibly resetting their ad count.

How to spend gems

Gems are normally used at the store to buy packs. There are various offers in which the player can spend his/her gems on.

The most basic packs the player can buy with gems are Premium Packs that do not reward with specific, but 6 random cards, costing around 100Diamond1 per pack. Normally, in these cases, there is also a Multi-Pack option for 1000Diamond1 that includes a free additional pack (resulting in a total of eleven packs) and one guaranteed super-rare card. These multi-pack options are currently only purchasable via micro transaction.

There were also the packs that offered specific cards, which cost around 200Diamond1 each. With the release of Hero Quests, these packs are replaced by Plant Premium Pack and Zombie Premium Pack, both of which are like Premium Packs but represent one side, costing 150Diamond1 each. Additionally, there are Hero Packs that only offer cards that a specific hero would use (limited to the heroes the player owns), costing 200Diamond1 each. And finally, the most expensive is the weekly packs that offer a specific hero (usually the 10x hero), costing 750Diamond1 each.

Gems are also used for event cards. As the player needs a specified number of tickets to get an event card, they can use 500Diamond1 to get them instantly instead, or they can keep grinding on the tickets to get it for a lower price. The card price will go lower by 50Diamond1 for each tenth of the tickets the player acquires (rounded down). 20Diamond1 can also be used to instantly skip four hours of waiting time if they want to fight using the correct heroes to get more tickets.